What’s the best size for governments?

August 19, 2010

(To increase the font of this essay – hold down the Ctrl key and keep pressing +) Once we recognize that size matters. It’s only a matter of time before we get around to asking what’s the best size for stuff?

Well it depends really? If you’re talking about my Chinos then 32 around the waist will do quite nicely, an eight for loafers and a fifteen half for shirts – but what about firms and governments? What’s the best size for them?

For governments that’s a no brainer anything larger than a postage stamp just spells big trouble to me –  the way I see it; when a nation looks up to its politicians for inspiration; then something is seriously wrong; as that’s just a sure sign the national psyche is still roughly the size of a tadpole and hasn’t really learnt how to be comfortable under its own skin – stands the test of reason. Tell me! Do really emotionally secure people look up to others expecting them to validate their way of life? Or even rely on the approval of others to seek a sense of worth and edification?  Come on work those issues through!

Or maybe really independent and confident people are so busy living their lives and being true to themselves that all these things are rightly just trivial pursuits to them?

You go figure it out.

If I had my way, I prefer it if governments take their cue from air cleaners and ionizers, where they hum silently in one corner inconspicuously doing what they do best – taking care of the stuff. It’s just the way I see things; I don’t like the idea of big governments or for that matter anything big really – to me the idea of big has always been synonymous with the idea where everything worthwhile in is just squeezed right out of the individual into the broader expanse of the generic. Big means you’re either with the system or you’re not with it; you’re plugged in or square, functional or dysfunctional, a team player or an anti social psychopath, with me or against me. Get my drift, that’s the whole Tao of big; its one giant machine where you’re either a size 8 or 9, there’s no such thing as a size eight and three quarters for my left feet in the universe of big – just as there is no such thing as degree course where you decide to skip one year just to travel around the world on a motorbike – in the world of big the rules are clearly spelled out – you do it our way or you simply don’t do it.

Well there’s where I don’t really mind – doing my own thing outside that is, al fresco style….I am perfectly comfortable…I am in my element.

Darkness 2010

“I think in life you really need to develop confidence from deep down inside you. And one of the best ways of doing this is by consciously making a decision to lead your life for yourself and not others. This simply means you have to put the effort in being really comfortable in your own skin.

When I was younger that meant if I went out for a date with a girl. I would probably have to tell her that I don’t have enough money to pay for her dinner. That could have been one reason why I wasn’t really hot with the girls.

These days being comfortable in my own skin simply means when I see a shovel then I call it a shovel. Whatever happens after that happens. Someone calls my boss. I get called up. A door closed. Whatever.  I make a conscious effort to put those things somewhere in the back burner.  My whole being is governed by this attitude.  And trust me many doors have been slammed in my face. But to be fair, many other doors and a few unexpected windows and trap doors have also sprung open as well.

All in all, I am happy with the accounts so I have to keep on leading my life this way for better or worse. Because when I stop and look around me what really scares the living daylights out of me is this, all I see is whole truck loads of people who are speaking lines which belong to other people, usually dead people. For all I know some of them may also be living lifes that don’t really belong to them –  and perhaps they are even be living out whole destinies which come from someone else life – the way I see it we already live in a nutty world, where everyone in this world is so busy trying to lead a life that belongs to other people – most people don’t even know themselves….trust me, that is a big problem….a very big problem indeed.”

Darkness 2010 – captured by an auto-bot crawler in a thread in Ekunaba.

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