National Bank of Greece – We are buying more of it!

August 23, 2010

At this level. The National Bank of Greece is definitely a buy of a lifetime in our opinion – – so we are in! And that’s it! We don’t care, by hook or by crook, we are going to make her go up and up and up, up, up and up!

Darkness 2010

Darkness: Yes, I support the Youth Olympics. That was why I wrote this: The Youth Olympic Games – Why it makes sense to support it! . But even I did not expect it to be a PAP fest!

Shahlimhar the Clown: You are right neither did we Darkness….we are really so sorry…can we pay you more for the inconvenience?

Darkness: You don’t seem to understand me. This reflects very badly on us…the accounts need to be squared.

Shahlimhar the Clown: Why have you brought the Totenkopft with you Darkness? Singaporedaddy, please reason with him! I implore you!”

Singaporedaddy: Pls try to understand, this reflects badly on us….besides the accounts need to be squared Shahlimhar. Please don’t take it personally….it is strictly business….”

Darkness: “Centurion, Kill them all and confiscate all their credits!  They have failed the brotherhood! Understand this Centurion…..we were not here…..we did not say or do these things….do you understand?”

Centurion: “Long live the brotherhood!”

Captured by an auto-bot crawler in the strangelands

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