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Many people have contributed their thoughts on the minimum wage debate – at times, the question seems to be paraphrased along the lines of “no choice” – “there is no other alternative.” It seems to be couched in terms of necessity and finality. At other times the debate seems to be a toss up with one side steam rolling across the plains of consciousness as if the counter argument is just a punctuation mark. Then there are moments when it even seems we might be able to work around the corners to smoothen out the edges to reach some agreement on how to move forward.

All the while the poor look on…..  

Minumum Wage = Work Fare?

September 29, 2010

I made this video recently about why I believe Minimum Wage and Work Fare are two different things – and why they should never be mixed, if we are to make any progress in the Minimum wage debate – I’ve tried to keep the points simple – and anyone who wants to use these pointers can do so.

When I have more time. I am planning to continue further to flesh out this series – and hopefully we will really get our teeth into something meaningful. So far, I seem to be just preparing the ground. This is necessary, as I believe through the years so many things which really have nothing to do with minimum wage such as work fare, charity and other subsistence programs have become so enmeshed with the idea, that I feel, its first necessary to set the stage for the debate.

Many thanks.

Darkness of the Brotherhood


My gut feel tells me, it will pay dividends to first resist the temptation of jumping directly into the Minimum Wage debate and spending some time setting the stage of how we should intelligently broach this subject – so here goes.

I’ve posted this in nearly 30 online video providers – I am not a great fan of Youtube, so I have not given them a slot in Ekunaba – I hope you get it.

Darkness 2010

P.S: Funny thing abt “Measured Response,” they will bar me from writing about it; but when it comes to making a blog video – they don’t seem to mind at all….

Have just been informed, due to “Measured Response,” cannot talk about minimum wage – all threads with the words “minimum wage,” will be burnt @ 1500 GMT / 24-09-10 – directive from the Council.

So I made this instead to tie us all down.

P.S: Btw, I just have a deep sinking feeling. A few really important people from Yale have a few questions which they will be posing new Thursday. After that there will be…..and after that….and after that….and after that….and after that….and after that…..Happy Measured Response….

Darkness 2010

(To increase the font in this essay, hold down the Ctrl kep and keep pressing +) You’ve probably been there yourself – that country that’s two parts serendipity and one part fate -there you are minding your own sweet business; cocooned in your own bubble – suddenly out from nowhere; you find yourself in a middle of a situation where you are forced to take a position – you only have a few seconds to decide – it’s do or die –  everything in your mind is screaming, “don’t get involved…just walk away….it’s just trouble…you will regret it!” But at the same time another voice somewhere keeps edging you on and telling you; you’re good to go.

There I was cycling all by myself – suddenly I came across two people putting these puppies in a cage; they were headed for the pound (I guess).

One of them found them so he decided to take matters in his own hand and called up somebody else who was really knew as much as the first person who found them; as he rattled off some nonsense about following procedures as if he reading from a laminated card – any way to cut a long story short. I told these two monkeys that I knew who the mother was and this idea of separating the kiddies from their Mummy wasn’t on – so in Mafia terms, I vouched for those puppies – in brotherhood terms – we are now one happy family.

In truth, I have absolutely no inkling who these puppies belong too – don’t even have any idea whether they were left here by aliens or even where to begin looking for Mom – East Coast Road runs a good 20 km and stretches all the way from Fort Rod to Changi Village – so she could really be anywhere – but what I do have is an extensive bicycle network that is second to only the intelligence network of Mossad and the CIA; and we cyclist have as many eyes as a pineapple – so I figured there is bound to be someone who is like the Liaison Officer of the dog and human world – and bingo.

I found the lady and she told me to take these puppies and wait in a place where X marks the spot – sounds like a really long shot, but that’s the only lead I have.

I’ve been waiting for nearly 3 hours – I’ve just allocated 45 minutes for this ride; had to cancel a business met to send a client to the airport – and I am still stuck here with these two whinning pups – the funny thing about difficulty is when you’re struggling – it pays to stop and step outside your skin and look at others;  like these pups and what you realize is that what you’re going through isn’t such a big deal after all – it’s very small in comparison with they have to go through – let’s see how it goes…..but one thing is for sure….I’ve just burnt my weekend.

The incredibly stupid things that I do!

Darkness 2010

Tick Tock Tick Tock

September 20, 2010

I don’t know what “measured response,” really means – I just don’t know. For starters it doesn’t even sound contextually right.

I must have asked nearly twenty or thirty people what it really means – and none of them seem to understand either, but for some reason everyone seems to like to pretend they know better – when I know they are just as confused as I am.

I feel a dark cloud is slowly descending on the underground gaming fraternity – I have always feared this mood of pessimism – always – these recent turn of events have merely sharpened and heightened that feeling of estrangement and alienation – I have tried to speak to a few of them; but it’s as if I am having a conversation with a zombie – all I get is that phrase, “measured response.”  All I can say is its like an iron curtain that is slowly sliding and blotting out the field of possibilities. 

I am still writing – only I can’t say it’s easy when there are so many things I cannot write about. Neither can I put my name down. Not even my moniker. It all just goes into this faceless black hole called The Brotherhood.

If I had to define what “measured response,” really means – its a bit like a two soldiers divided by No Man’s Land – from time to time, the guy on the otherside lobs a grenade (hopefully, you’re lucky enough to pull the pin and throw it back) – there is no trust and understanding – only lines upon lines which either divide, separate or keep differences alive. In summary terms, “I am here and you are there.”

Nonetheless, I will keep writing and I hope one day the fog lifts.

Darkness 2010

To Catch the latest BP post, click here https://dotseng.wordpress.com/2010/09/20/tick-tock-tick-tock/ Hi, as many of you may already realize – The Brotherhood is currently into it’s second week and a bit of measured response mode – I am sure you all know the reasons why – well, it seems, we will be continuing in this undeground mode for quiet a long time.

Long term plans I hear are already in the pipeline. As many begin to dig in very much like the German and French once took their positions along the Western Front during WW1 – meanwhile do enjoy this snippet – its an instructive tale of people who think they are very clever – like the man who goes around checking a gas leak with a lighted match – what do you think happened there? This is basically the same story of misguided bureaucracy – the funny thing about it; this people can always seem to justify their actions – even when they spend alot of money; get it wrong and add absolutely zero into what was previously something beautiful…..if only they still their minds….they would see.

Darkness 2010

On Writing

September 18, 2010

Today was the first day I got a list of “do” and “don’ts” from Singaporedaddy & Co (believe it or not it runs 25 pages!) – I can’t say I am happy.

As the new conditions imposed on me under “measured response,” is incredibly restrictive – this new ruling will probably mean – 99% of the readers who usually read what I write will have to look high and low for my material- I cannot even write or link any thing I write elsewhere in even Dotseng.

That has really forced me to reflect on the question of why I write – I guess, I write because I believe, I see the world differently from others – that’s it, there is no second part explanation to balance off the first – it’s been like this for me since the day I was born – most people don’t feel part of that sense of estrangement, that’s because belonging and getting along comes easy to them – for me, I’ve always had to work real hard at getting along. And most of the time it doesn’t even go down very well.

Lets see how it goes.

As some of you may already know Harvard University is currently exploring a tie up in Singapore – well to be perfectly honest with you; how plausible is this idea – first of all, will they be persuaded by the likes of George Yeo – I don’t think so, one thing about Harvard University is each faculty believes it is the Veritas of the Veritas; so each faculty is basically a valley unto it’s own sayings – besides Harvard has traditionally harbored a very low opinion of politicians; if you happen to be an industrialist, statesman or journalist – then I think that could just about swing the vote – but a politician is a bit like an ant trying to bring down an elephant – probabilities do not make for plausibilities.

I have a feeling some of the regular readers in Phi Beta will be weighing in on this – only let us keep this in mind; it is never personal – it is strictly business! I wished I could elaborate, but as many of you may probably know by now under “measured response,” they are really so many restrictions.

I knew one day all this will come back and bite us. There’s more in the pipeline. Meanwhile I write and post as best I can wherever and whenever I can – I hope you find them wherever they may be.

Darkness 2010

As some of you may already know. The Singapore Police Force thought it was very clever, so during the Youth Olympic Games, they arrested a blogger for using a four letter word online. Now they are well known internationally. And we have been brought into this melee.

I found out further about what “measured response” meant – it means if any government official from the Singapore govt engages the brotherhood – the first subject on the agenda is this four letter word saga – it does not matter even if it is LKY himself – the liaison will have to ask about this matter till he is completely satisfied, by that time LKY is already burnt already just as probably you or I will be burnt out if we ran a marathon. I am certain this can all be very straining.

For me this “measured response,” mumbo jumbo is just a big inconvenience. As it means I cannot blog as I would usually like too in dotseng – I cannot for example write about a whole list of subjects. And the reason given is because we are officially on “measured response” mode. And what precisely is “measured response,” mode – measured response mode is measured response mode! Thank you very much lah!

I could as some of you have suggest write under my own name under a my own blog I suppose – but once again ‘measured response,’ has made this impossible – as that would be considered a security breach. And if I do so, I would be going directly against the grain.

So I write and post wherever I can and lets see how it goes. I believe it will be a long wait.

Darkness 2010

We will be asking 4 more sites to power off in the Singapore blogosphere – as you can see we mean business.

Meanwhile I have been busy with the mooncake festival – met up with some of the readers; they gave me alot of mooncake and as you can see I had to finish it all.

P.S: Did you realize the boss in Blizzard is a good buddy of mine – I am going to see him next week about a project in Sweden – I wonder how it would come across if he decided to burn his bridges here? Maybe I should make it real? There is no stopping is there? No…..You see, I learn one thing in Kendo…aim for one point and hit it again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again….

I am Darkness of the Brotherhood

Measured Response Blues

September 14, 2010

As some of you may already know – the Brotherhood Press has powered off – that in short simply means – I am not supposed to blog about anything.

Just between me and you – do you really want to know why this whole idea of “measured response” is so diabolically effective?

Well if you ask me, it’s a bit like putting a policeman in your head -writing just becomes impossibly difficult thereafter – I don’t mean just difficult, but really difficult like trying to climb up a flight of stairs with a sack of rice…difficult.  As the moment when you have a thought in your head and want to write something, you first have to consider whether it will get you into hot soup and probably 10 thousand other things.

And after a while it just becomes too straining to continue, no one can write effectively under those circumstance – for starters you can never find that elusive line, never – and for another you can never ever get into the flow. Never. Everything just becomes hard, unatural and worse of all it’s no fun any longer.

Now you know why I think this whole “measured response,” thingy is not so different from dialing your freezer to the lowest temperature setting…..everything just slows down. Meanwhile we wait.

As some of you may already know – the Brotherhood has officially come out with a “measured response,” to what the SPF recently pulled off – I have absolutely no idea how long this will last – it could in my opinion last anywhere between 5 to 10 years based on our experience with the Chinese Communist – we will have to see how it develops.

Meanwhile we have great pleasure of informing you the SPF is now internationally famous.

Please try to understand this is strictly a business decision, it is nothing personal.

Meanwhile do enjoy this:

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Belfair: How long do the tunnels run down here Darkness?

Darkness: Forever and ever and ever Senator.

Belfair: Darkness what did you mean when you say the whole act of hauling up that guy who used that four letter word was a cold and premeditated act?

Darkness: Watch you steps Senator….like I said it was a cold and premeditated act.

Singaporedaddy: What makes you so sure it wasn’t a screw up in the system Darkness?

Darkness: Look Belfair, if the four houses want to go with what the Internet Liaison of the Brotherhood has to say regarding the Kamchatka Syndrome. You can go and run with that explanation. It will work. Because on the surface, let me just say Singaporedaddy’s explanation just about manages to cover all the bases….except it raises more questions than answers….stick close to me here…it gets very dark in this section.

Singaporedaddy: Don’t listen to him Senator, Darkness is full of shit.

Darkness: I wasn’t the one who sold the council of the dumb a cloud called measured response!

Belfair: Both of you stop this bickering…go on Darkness…what makes you so certain this was not a chain of command screw up as Singaporedaddy said?

Darkness: There is no chain of command fuck up Senator. I think you need to stand back and reflect in the larger picture – bear in mind Senator this is a task of discerning patterns and rhythms, of separating the causes from the motivations from the noise of mere happenings. This kind of work requires fine judgment….and it is not only a question of which story makes the best sense out of the data, but which data do we use to make up the story.

Belfair: So let me come to the point you are saying Singaporedaddy chooses the most simple explanation because it is the most logical; but that doesn’t mean he is right.

Darkness: Yes, on the surface what Singaporedaddy says seems to make perfect sense – going by looks what do we have here after all? Let’s begin with the basic raw materials. A political hegemony that is so fossilized it has all but detached itself completely from all remnants of reality – that it can no longer be counted to appraise a situation accurately – they also probably have such a ritualized way of seeing the world; that most of them are under the constant fear the center will give way at any time, hence they cling on desperately to the status quo ante to such an extent, they are even prepared to protect it at every cost and opportunity – so when they see events spiraling out of control; just like those soviets politicians and military tacticians, they panic and hit the chicken button , result: it’s a shit pie and it blows up in all their faces…….well that if you really want to know is what the Kamchatka Syndrome is all about…..but I don’t think we are dealing with those factor conditions.

Belfair: Why not that sounds reasonable?

Darkness: Yes, but both you and Singaporedaddy are assuming the government doesn’t have any internet street sense here. I don’t believe that claptrap for one moment. Senator you’re forgetting that they have Temasek Review and that’s basically like a giant data gathering and intelligence unit. The way I see it, in the general plan, reach is just a decoy site – the real site that is supplying real time internet intelligence – both tactical and strategic is Temasek Review .Think about it Senator. Why do you think Temasek Review is in the business of searching out the most controversial news in the internet– and posting it publicly? They are in the business of gauging public sentiment.  So when Singaporedaddy says Temasek Review is harmless; he is talking through the hole in his fucking hat – in the battle of the internet; the person who has one hand on the pulse of the collective consciousness wins the whole game – that is how the trade off analysis is conducted – that is why no matter how damaging the news is to the government of the day; the irony is you will find it first in Temasek Review, because they are in the business of gauging public sentiment…so when Singaporedaddy says that you are dealing with a bunch of people who have no confidence…he is dead wrong…the paradox is you are dealing with people who have all the data at their finger tips to make an informed decision.”

Belfair: If what you say is true then why did they screw it up big time by going after that blogger who used the word burn.

Darkness: You are assuming they fucked it up! But I don’t see it that way at all. The way I’ve got it figured it out; we may be working on the wrong assumptions. Firstly what makes you so sure that everyone is in the same boat in the PAP? I mean not everyone is in the same boat in the Brotherhood.  Take the case of me, you and Singaporedaddy. We are all supposed to be one happy family. But in real life, we all know Belfair, you have your own game plan with the four houses – as for me and Singaporedaddy – I am like the Wehrmacht and he is like the SS.

Singaporedaddy:  Hey, hey…don’t get personal with me Darkness. You mean I am like the Wehrmacht and you the SS.

Darkness: Me the Wehrmacht and you the SS!

Belfair: Stop it both of you…alright so you are saying there are factional divides within every hegemony and there is probably some jostling and jockeying for power?

Darkness: Yes, that is what I am trying to say Senator. Now consider this very carefully Belfair as what I am going to say is may just take all your breath away –  what if I told you the person who started all this wanted to weaponize the internet; to make Bala and his entire gang look bad? Sounds implausible right? What if I said to you, if you take the trouble to find out exactly who actually authorized all the buttons to be pushed pushed – it was someone who had been advised by all the internet intelligence gathering sites such as Temasek Review and a few more, doing so would be not so different from throwing a live grenade into the net? Despite that the question remains Belfair – why did they still go for it? See what I mean Senator, it makes absolutely no sense….no sense whatsoever.

Belfair: Why didn’t it go off with a bang then!

Darkness: Come closer I need to whisper this into your ears – the walls in Primus have ears.

Belfair: My God…if I was Vivian, I would be more worried about the enemy within…the internet is the least of his concerns.

 This conversation was captured by an auto-bot crawler somewhere along the Temple of the Tree of Knowledge and the Presidium of the Great Hall in Primus Aldentes Prime – The Brotherhood Press.


(To increase the font on this essay – hold down the Ctrl key and keep pressing +) As some of you may already know – the Brotherhood Press is officially on a “measured response” (whatever that may mean – don’t look at me. I have absolutely no idea what that means! No idea whatsoever!) mode due to bizarre events that recently transpired when a bunch of monkeys decided to go overboard over a four letter word used by a blogger.

So you understand if I cannot blog until this whole “measured response” business has been lifted by the Brotherhood Liaison officer, Singaporedaddy – meanwhile enjoy this.

Singaporedaddy: “Come out from the shadows stranger…we know you have been following us!…it’s you!”

Darkness: “Yes, who else do you expect it to be Singaporedaddy?”

Belfair: “Darkness why are you dressed as Enzio from the Assasin Creed?”

Darkness: “Too many snakes in the plane and I suspect in Primus as well these days? You have no idea how many people I have to burn these days just to cross the streets.”

Singaporedaddy: “You heard the whole conversation between me and the representative of the four houses?”

Darkness: “Yes. But I think there is a flaw in some of your assumptions Singaporedaddy. For one you are assuming those monkeys who decided to jump up and down over one word, did so because they were all victims of the Kamchatka Syndrome – i.e, what you are saying is the conditions compelled them to take an aggresive posture as the pay out of not proceeding with a prosecution would yeild a lower pay out than having done the opposite – so what you are saying Singaporedaddy is these monkeys were just following the chain of command?”

Belfair: “Don’t you agree with that analysis Darkness?’

Darkness: “No I don’t agree Senator with Singaporedaddy’s take – if what he says is true then we might as well regard Michalangelo painting in the Sistine Chapel as just a big colorful Manga comic- what many people have failed to fully comprehend from this whole incident is the fact that things were allowed to escallate in the manner in did to this level where it even involved Pravda, simply means the person or group who authorized this has also put an end to the whole light touch policy – it is now a dead ducky!

Funny how everyone seems to be running around town…but no one can see the dead white elephant rotting in the main boulevard?

Belfair: “Singaporedaddy, what Darkness says is true…..he has a point!”

Darkness: “Now gentlemen do you understand why what we are dealing with here has nothing whatsoever to do with the Kamchatka Syndrome! It was a cold premeditated act….the real question is who stands most to gain from all this….and of course, who loses?…..

Both of you better follow me….I too was followed on the way to the Temple of the Tree of Knowledge…come with me quick…I know a secret passage that leads underground comes out  through the Great Hall….Gentlemen, after you!”

Conversation captured recently by an auto-bot crawler in the Temple of the Tree of Knowledge in Primus Aldentes Prime – The Brotherhood Press 2010

Belfair: “Tell me my friend, did you know from the very beginning about this word search engine robot they were using?”

Singaporedaddy: “Of course we all did! Please try to understand this was just after the period when the Intelligent Singaporean closed down – so we knew based on our extensive experience in China; cyber troopers would be sent in to fill up the big hole – the only question was how and when. Whether this would happen or not was never in dispute….never.”

Belfair: “You mean to say you all knew from the onset Wayang Party was a covert site?”

Singaporedaddy: “Let me tell you this my dear Belfair – not only did we know this. We even extended help during the early stages of their inception into blogosphere.”

Belfair: “When you say ‘we,’ who are you referring too? Did Darkness know about all this?”

Singaporedaddy: “No that was the trouble. Only a few of us knew that TR was a covert site. We had not reason to suspect Darkness and his crew even knew about it – you have to understand when TR came into blogosphere – they came in with a big bang. And they did not come in under the PAP banner – infact, they came in ridding the anti PAP banner. So many netizens had no reason to suspect TR was none than probably one of many kosher sites that sprung out in that period. For us we didn’t give two hoots; the only thing that we were really interested in was internet stability – many of us believed rightly or wrongly then – as long as government had a beach head in blogosphere it would allow them a platform to gain intelligence about the internet to make better decisions – so when Darkness volunteered to write for them…none of us suspected anything unusual.”

Belfair: “So the Council of the Wise and the Mercantile Guild were complicit…you all set Darkness up for the fall.”

Singaporedaddy: “Not exactly, you have to understand Brother Belfair, we believed, we had logic firmly on our side. It was simple then. Not like it is today.

We believed that as long as the powers that be had a stable platform where they could gather intelligence; that would allow them to make better decisions – thereby ensuring the internet to be a stable place….there was however one thing that we did not count on.”

Belfair: “What is it Singaporedaddy?”

Singaporedaddy: “The  KAL 007 over Kamchatka syndrome – in that incident what happened was the most important decision was passed right down the decision chain of command to the least important person who had the least information and situational acumen to make an informed decision. And the highest incentive to make a wrong decision.”

You see Belfair, one evening, the Council and the Mercantile Guild had a big argument with Darkness. Darkness believed that no good could ever come out from sites such a Temasek Review.

He disagreed with us on virtually every single one of our assumptions – especially the part where we believed it would be good to allow the custodians of power a platform in blogosphere – that was the rough assumption at least, by having such a virtual platform, the powers that be would be in a better position to make an informed decision – so we reckoned. They would for instance be able to avoid another MiCa vs Mr Brown incident – according to Darkness’s cracked brained theory – all we were doing was recreating the KAL 007 over Kamchatka Syndrome – that was to say, a platform such as Temasek Review would ultimately push the most important decision to the person who had the least information to make the best decision…”

Belfair: “I am sorry, I have to be very clear. As what you tell me here will have to be reported to the four houses…what do you mean by, would ultimately push the most important decision to the person who had the least information to make the best decision…”

Singaporedaddy: “Well if you look at the facts leading to how the Soviets once shot down a 747 over Kamchatka. What you notice is the people who were best placed to make an informed decision did not do so – instead what happened was the decision was passed on down the line. First the Politburo did not make it’s stance clear concerning the Western military threat – infact, they were paranoid – neither did the Soviet Air force commanders in the Shakilin islands who manned these early warning radars make a decision to avert disaster – infact, the whole decision whether to shoot down the 747 fell directly on the shoulders of a low ranking pilot. Who could do nothing except to shoot down the plane. Had he returned to base without shooting down the plane. The pay out’s would always be less than having decided not to shoot it down – that in a nutshell is the KAL 007 over the Kamchatka Syndrome – conditions will always push the most important decision to the person who had the least information to make the best decision…”

Belfair: “And none of you worked on that assumption?”

Singaporedaddy: “I am afraid Belfair many our assumptions proved to be too optimistic. You see with the recent case of a couple of people jumping up and down over the word ‘burn.’

Belfair: “I see you are saying that what Darkness once theorized is true…it is only a matter of time before they make more lousy decisions.”

Singaporedaddy: “Precisely Senator….it is only a matter of time…the KAL 007 over the Kamchatka Syndrome is not a theory as it remains a statement of what will have to happen under a given set of conditions. As you can very well see from how this ‘burn’ incident transpired -we are not dealing with a knowledgeable, confident and internet atuned institution; as much as we are a scared, insecured and nervous man…who is so scared out of his wits that he has just lobbed a hand grenade into the internet…only to find that someone here has pulled the pin and thrown it back to him. I think things are very dangerous Senator.”

Captured very recently by an auto-bot crawler in the Temple of the tree of knowledge – along Victory Square in Primus Aldentes Prime – The Brotherhood Press 2010

This essay is broadcasted in Ekunaba, PBK and SLF 1 to 16 and it has been kindly sponsored by the Lady of the Lake.


Mercantile Guild Representative (Belfair): “Singaporedaddy, the four houses sent me to find out how it all happened. And why have we issued a “measured response.” This is highly unusual as you very well know…as it doesn’t seem to have a run out date.”

Singaporedaddy: “Yes Belfair, I expect they too would like to know.”

Belfair: “Share with us what you really know old friend…come let us walk.”

Singaporedaddy: “It is quite simple how this whole matter screwed up…have you heard of search programs Belfair?”

Belfair: “Like Google search engines?”

Singaporedaddy: “Yes, that will do very nicely for the purposes of facilitating this explanation….now consider how this search engine is constantly sweeping the whole of the internet searching out for key words like some sort of digital radar.”

Belfair: ” searching for words like house – ball – top…?”

Singaporedaddy: “Yes, Belfair something like that…only try to link more words together, for instance what is the chances of the word ‘house’ coming out in the same sentence as the word ‘white’and ‘Obama’ at the same time? Now what you need to understand is this search engine is pretty stupid, it doesn’t really care to understand beyond the context of how these words are arranged or even used; neither does it take into account parlance, speech, syntax etc.”

Belfair: “Yes go on, this is very interesting Singaporedaddy.”

Singaporedaddy: “When these words are found what happens is the search engine automatically scans the address of the person who wrote these words – it begins to access personal data information like credit worthiness of the person – does he have a criminal record etc.”

Belfair: “I get what you mean to say – let’s say, the person who wrote those words with “white”- “house” and “Obama”  in this one sentence had a criminal record – then what you are saying is it will highlight this as a possible threat?”

Singaporedaddy: “Yes and no – because in the course of a day, you would probably get thousands of false alarms about people linking these three words together in one sentence – house, obama and white – so the real question is why should this one red flag stand out from the others?”

Belfair: “OK, I am beginning to understand where you are heading now Singaporedaddy…tell me why was this ‘burn’ really different from the other ‘burn,’ then that it could stand out in such a way to deserve special attention?”

Singaporedaddy: “That is the mystery Belfair that we couldn’t quite figure out…till yesterday of course…. My point is Senator, it would have just been another day at work for those cyber monkeys had a series of coincidences not come together as they did..”

Belfair: “What coincidences are you referring too 1st officer?”

Singaporedaddy: “What I am trying to say Senator – is even if so much as one element was missing that day…for example had someone not programmed the search machine to look specifically for “burn” along side “PAP.” Or that none of the letters had not been in capital letters – then nothing would have happened…..”

Belfair: “So what you are saying was the entire process was executed by a robot? Why didn’t you tell the Council of the Wise this? It could have been important Singaporedaddy!”

Singaporedaddy: Senator we must stop here…don’t look behind you, but we are being followed….quick let us go the Temple of the Tree of Knowledge.”

Belfair: “We are living in dangerous times it seems.”

Conversation captured by an auto-bot crawler somewhere along Liberation Square in Primus Aldentes Prime – The Brotherhood Press 2010

To me life is very simple; when people do not understand how the game is played; then it is very important to teach them how it is to be played (Besides I was here years before you even came into the scene – so who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do, you mother!) – this of course can be done politely or not so politely – this we know how to do.

The Brotherhood Press will be powering off indefinitely in the Singapore Blogosphere for an unspecified period to protest against the heavy handedness of the police recent reaction to a few bloggers who simply exercised their elemental right to voice their points of view concerning their object of interest.

If one is to live a productive and full life; I think a very good place to start is by first burning the police man in one’s head.

Everyone has only one life; God has only given man only one brain. And since he is a divine being; he did not give it so that it shall be wasted on the mindless preoccupation of fear – it was meant to be used confidently and to go where no mind dared to go – so I see absolutely nothing wrong in people choosing to use their brains by expressing themselves in the internet age.

I do however see a problem with people who are so insecure, sensitive and paranoid that they are even jumping up and down like laced virgins whenever they see things they cannot seem to understand – that is a very big problem.

If you disagree with me then go fuck your mother and sisters lah! Or better still we just met somewhere for a cup of coffee and I will explain it all to you like babies.

That will be all, this is the only way to treat you motherfuckers….a good hard kick in the teeth, metaphorically of course…but somethings have to stay of course.

Darkness 2010

P.S: If you want to move against us, find out who reads the Brotherhood Press first! Just keep in mind, you can’t label everyone as a psycho, not when I pay the amount of taxes that I do! Go make your move? I dare you! Infact, if you don’t make a move many people will begin questioning your integrity and standing…then how! Make it count! But one thing is clear….either way you cut your moves….you are fucked…fucked in every single hole…

Council of the wise: “Singaporedaddy how do you read this situation?”

Singaporedaddy: “This is an interesting development. It is like the story of a man who tries to stop a fire by throwing a bucket of petrol over a naked flame….now they have made the fire bigger.”

Council of the Wise: “So you agree with the general sentiment –  this is a blatant act of provocation?”

Singaporedaddy: “No, no…not at all gentlemen…that would only be the case if all the material evidence suggest we are dealing with intelligent people..what if….”

Council of the Wise: “Go on Singaporedaddy…you may speak freely.”

Singaporedaddy: “I do beg the indulgence of the Council. But what if this is not a collective decision within the intra executive chain of command? What if the material evidence points to the possibility it may not be so different from the case during the cold war when the decision making chain broke down and the Soviets shot down JAL 007 over Kamchatka? Do you see what I mean?”

Council of the wise: “Yes….What do you suggest that we do Singaporedaddy?”

Singaporedaddy: “A measured approached.”

Council of the wise: “How measured an approach Singaporedaddy?”

Singaporedaddy: “So measured that even we don’t know how measured it will be till we have fully determined the degree of measureness.”

Council of the wise: “Yes, that sounds very measured old boy…we are so confused…I am sure they will be as well….very measured indeed. Thank you Singaporedaddy…I must say, you have been a great consoileri on this matter.”

Singaporedaddy: “One is always glad to be of service…..long live the Brotherhood!”

Council of the Wise: “Long live the Brotherhood Singaporedaddy and do convey our warmest regards and salutions to the Interspacing Mercantile Guild!”

Singaporedaddy: “By your command.”

Captured by an auto-bot crawler recently in a secured thread in Primus Aldentes Prime – The Brotherhood Press 2010