Why we need to burn the policeman in our heads!

September 1, 2010

To me life is very simple; when people do not understand how the game is played; then it is very important to teach them how it is to be played (Besides I was here years before you even came into the scene – so who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do, you mother!) – this of course can be done politely or not so politely – this we know how to do.

The Brotherhood Press will be powering off indefinitely in the Singapore Blogosphere for an unspecified period to protest against the heavy handedness of the police recent reaction to a few bloggers who simply exercised their elemental right to voice their points of view concerning their object of interest.

If one is to live a productive and full life; I think a very good place to start is by first burning the police man in one’s head.

Everyone has only one life; God has only given man only one brain. And since he is a divine being; he did not give it so that it shall be wasted on the mindless preoccupation of fear – it was meant to be used confidently and to go where no mind dared to go – so I see absolutely nothing wrong in people choosing to use their brains by expressing themselves in the internet age.

I do however see a problem with people who are so insecure, sensitive and paranoid that they are even jumping up and down like laced virgins whenever they see things they cannot seem to understand – that is a very big problem.

If you disagree with me then go fuck your mother and sisters lah! Or better still we just met somewhere for a cup of coffee and I will explain it all to you like babies.

That will be all, this is the only way to treat you motherfuckers….a good hard kick in the teeth, metaphorically of course…but somethings have to stay of course.

Darkness 2010

P.S: If you want to move against us, find out who reads the Brotherhood Press first! Just keep in mind, you can’t label everyone as a psycho, not when I pay the amount of taxes that I do! Go make your move? I dare you! Infact, if you don’t make a move many people will begin questioning your integrity and standing…then how! Make it count! But one thing is clear….either way you cut your moves….you are fucked…fucked in every single hole…

Council of the wise: “Singaporedaddy how do you read this situation?”

Singaporedaddy: “This is an interesting development. It is like the story of a man who tries to stop a fire by throwing a bucket of petrol over a naked flame….now they have made the fire bigger.”

Council of the Wise: “So you agree with the general sentiment –  this is a blatant act of provocation?”

Singaporedaddy: “No, no…not at all gentlemen…that would only be the case if all the material evidence suggest we are dealing with intelligent people..what if….”

Council of the Wise: “Go on Singaporedaddy…you may speak freely.”

Singaporedaddy: “I do beg the indulgence of the Council. But what if this is not a collective decision within the intra executive chain of command? What if the material evidence points to the possibility it may not be so different from the case during the cold war when the decision making chain broke down and the Soviets shot down JAL 007 over Kamchatka? Do you see what I mean?”

Council of the wise: “Yes….What do you suggest that we do Singaporedaddy?”

Singaporedaddy: “A measured approached.”

Council of the wise: “How measured an approach Singaporedaddy?”

Singaporedaddy: “So measured that even we don’t know how measured it will be till we have fully determined the degree of measureness.”

Council of the wise: “Yes, that sounds very measured old boy…we are so confused…I am sure they will be as well….very measured indeed. Thank you Singaporedaddy…I must say, you have been a great consoileri on this matter.”

Singaporedaddy: “One is always glad to be of service…..long live the Brotherhood!”

Council of the Wise: “Long live the Brotherhood Singaporedaddy and do convey our warmest regards and salutions to the Interspacing Mercantile Guild!”

Singaporedaddy: “By your command.”

Captured by an auto-bot crawler recently in a secured thread in Primus Aldentes Prime – The Brotherhood Press 2010


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