Bedok Jetty – Before & After Tubular Bells

September 19, 2010

To Catch the latest BP post, click here Hi, as many of you may already realize – The Brotherhood is currently into it’s second week and a bit of measured response mode – I am sure you all know the reasons why – well, it seems, we will be continuing in this undeground mode for quiet a long time.

Long term plans I hear are already in the pipeline. As many begin to dig in very much like the German and French once took their positions along the Western Front during WW1 – meanwhile do enjoy this snippet – its an instructive tale of people who think they are very clever – like the man who goes around checking a gas leak with a lighted match – what do you think happened there? This is basically the same story of misguided bureaucracy – the funny thing about it; this people can always seem to justify their actions – even when they spend alot of money; get it wrong and add absolutely zero into what was previously something beautiful…..if only they still their minds….they would see.

Darkness 2010

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