Minumum Wage = Work Fare?

September 29, 2010

I made this video recently about why I believe Minimum Wage and Work Fare are two different things – and why they should never be mixed, if we are to make any progress in the Minimum wage debate – I’ve tried to keep the points simple – and anyone who wants to use these pointers can do so.

When I have more time. I am planning to continue further to flesh out this series – and hopefully we will really get our teeth into something meaningful. So far, I seem to be just preparing the ground. This is necessary, as I believe through the years so many things which really have nothing to do with minimum wage such as work fare, charity and other subsistence programs have become so enmeshed with the idea, that I feel, its first necessary to set the stage for the debate.

Many thanks.

Darkness of the Brotherhood


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