Is this the end of TEMASEK REVIEW?

October 12, 2010

(To increase the font size – hold down the CTRL key and keep pressing +) Some of you seem to have great difficulties in understanding – how things have to be, if they are to go down smoothly.

As I mentioned previously; the question is not a factor of five why’s, four what’s, three if’s or even two who’s or one how – it really revolves around only one question: do you believe that Temasek Review is a kosher site? Or do you believe that it is a site that is operated by the govt?

In my mind this is the ONLY question; there may be other questions after this question, but you cannot proceed to them before you answer this very important question first – questions like how did a physician get embroilled in all this? What is this? – – or is online anonymity good or bad? if this is a wolf site why is it suddenly shutting down etc? These questions are not important at all.

As I have always said – calm down – take a stress pill – just because everyone is jumping like a headless chicken doesn’t mean you have too do the same – remember there is really only one question.

As for me, it’s as clear as day how things will turn out after this- nothing is ever a mystery when you’ve got it figured out from the inside out from top to bottom – and we all know, the otherside cannot win without mystery.

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