Temasek Review Blues

October 16, 2010

This conversation takes place in a club called Ithaca located on the East side of Primus – Ithaca is well known as a place where foreign journalist hang out to ferret information in the virtual.

“So Darkness… how does this square with your whole idea of TR being a govt site?”

“Someone in Govt is getting cold feet?”

“Why should they be afraid Darkness?”

“They’re no longer swimming in a pond; they have suddenly found themselves in the wide open seas. That can be scary don’t you think so?”

“For God sake don’t speak like a fortune cookie all the time. What’s really going on? How’s the doctor involved in all this?”

“Doctor ain’t involved. He is just like one of those monkeys that found themselves blasted into space – sure, he may have been even there in the very beginning – but he was just there for the ride – he just got himself sucked into this shit storm something and they just sacrificed him as a way of fleshing out their cover story.

That’s what happens when people are desperate and they feel as if they are running out of time – they panic and do very stupid things. “

“That’s a start, but you’re still telling me nothing.”

“OK. I will tell you plainly what’s really going on. When I say the govt is getting scared. I mean to say someone really high up is getting really concerned about TR. You see TR was originally designed  to handle sandbox politics in the internet. It was supposed to be a small scale enterprise with very little risk of fall out if anything went wrong. Now it’s becoming something like Chernobyl. The problem with TR was it grew and grew and grew. And now it has such a huge digital footprint; it has even attracted the attention of the foreign press corps. So that takes them right up there to the major league – and over there if you screw up – the penalties are going to be very high. And let’s face it; you guys are really good at digging out skeletons….now if you happen to be someone at the very top….how will it all look if some nosey parkey reporter breaks the news govt is really behind TR?”

“That’s why they are frantically disassociating themselves from TR?”

“Yes, but it’s too late.”

“Why is it too late Darkness? Why?”

“It’s time to go to the next level of the game. You will understand why.”

“How can you be so sure about all this Darkness?’

“Look around you. Do you notice that not a single blog has actually come out and defended TR, have you asked yourself why?”

“Have you watched the movie the American?”

“No, I don’t watch TV. Or the movies. Does it have a good ending?”

“Well, let us just say he takes flight.”

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