Silence is Golden in the Jet Stream

October 25, 2010

These days blogging is hazardous to your health, especially under the haze of “measured response.” So here goes another silent installment of Thomas Ott.

As some of you may already know – the US Federal Reserves has been deploying a monetary policy of “strategically,” devaluing the greenback to increase their global competitiveness – firms that will benefit most from this strategy are numerous; but I really only know one well enough to recommend it – check out

I bought into BA when it was way down bottom skimming at $50 / today it’s ridding the $70’s high’s. But I expect BA to continue to discover renewed heights – two reasons account for my optimism.

Firstly, I believe the sales of military aircraft will experience a boom of a century in East Asia and the Middle Eastern markets, especially India.

Secondly, civilian air travel is starting to look perky again – and people are beginning to travel – with the cheapy cheap US$ many firms out there will simply find the offers by BA too good too good to pass up.

So I expect BA to be one of the main beneficiaries of the devaluation of the dollar – and I am planning to keep my money in the US for the next 12 to possibly 18 months – that’s the game plan.

Darkness 2010

Disclosure: The author currently has positions in BA (Boeing Aeroplane Grp)

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