What about Charity? What about it???????????

October 26, 2010

(To increase the font in this essay – hold down the Ctrl key and keep pressing +) What about Charity? I am certain, it will go a long way to help the poor?

And guessed what was my reply to Montburan? – I said “Noooooooooooooooooo!”

If the whole idea of charity isn’t burnt to a cinder – let me know. I’ve give it another go. I am sorry to the rest of the ladies of the Siglap Read Club if I appear uncouth to Montburan – I promise to make it up to the rest of you. I am so sorry.

Darkness 2010

“If you are weak Darkness – invoke these words, tell the brotherhood – “by the four corners I invoke your help – and i assure you, the serious men will hear you, you will never be alone Darkness…never!”

Vollariane 2001

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