Is the GINI Coeffiecient Important or not?

October 29, 2010

(To increase the font on this essay – hold down the CTRL key and keep pressing +) Well the short answer is you decide for yourself – my take is simply this. The fact that the income distribution between the rich and the poor stands at an all time high should be sufficient cause to provoke many to consider whether something is seriously wrong with our society.

On a personal investment mode. About 6 months ago. I recommended a buy on URZ – This is a little known company listed in an obscure corner of Nasdaq – they trade in Uranium – if you took my advice; you are looking at a 100% return on your investment – I am recommending a sell on this counter for one simple reason; hot money is coming in fast and furious from the Ukraine and the Gulf – and I don’t like it when I see funny money coming in – so me and my crew are out tonite itself.

Where will we put our money? I have no idea. All I know is investing is like a bank heist – a clean get away is everything – once we are out; then we will decide where to go. I have my eye on Dubai – things look pretty dead there.

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