How come Mr Liu got the Nobel Prize, but the ST reporter who was thrown in jail for spying got f**k all?

November 15, 2010

This commentator who listed an entry in the Guardian seems to think Mr Liu doesn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, and contends the selection may hinder the reform efforts of those in China who are more deserving of the prize.

What I will say is that I find articles like this slightly loopy as what they seem to do is condone the cult of the policy of appeasement towards China –  the Shaun Rein model of treating China like a country in a perpetual state of growing pains and advocating that we should not “hurt the feelings” of China is not only passe, but fails to capture the geo-political reality –  that we are not dealing with a teenage China struggling to hone it’s identity as we are a mature member of the international community, who simply knows how to press all our buttons to get the best deal…..

This essay written by Harphoon and Jasta 1 has been withdrawn from general circulation due to Measured Response – for more information concerning this development please contact your friendly Internet Liaison officer of the Brotherhood.

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