Wikileaks – Cui Bono?

December 16, 2010

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“You may not believe this; but I am genuinely fond of General Yeo. He embodies everything that is noble about the scholarship ideal; most scholars just mug really hard for 3 years to get a piece of paper to land themselves a cushy job; to them it’s a meal ticket. And once they get it, they just ride on it like a man on bicycle cruising downhill.

But General Yeo is very different; he is one of the few who applies his scholarship purposefully, he is well read and displays both the right blend of intellect and curiosity; so he has been able to reinvent himself to the emerging challenges of our times – most importantly, unlike the others, his mind is fluid, like quicksilver – this is rare, very rare indeed.  But even then , if this continues, I think, he is kaput….all I see is a dead man walking.”

“I want to ask you a question Darkness, what is happening here? Are these leaks indiscriminate, random or is there something more to it?”

“How can they be random your Excellency? The way I see they are just serving the Aperitif, we have not even got to the really hard stuff yet that will send your mind spinning your Excellency.”

“Who Darkness?”

“Not Who. Why your Excellency. Do you mean to say it is one man doing all this in the way it is like in one of those James Bond movies where there is a baddie stroking a cat trying to control the whole world? That’s a fantasy. This is not Assange. We have to look at who is behind the shadows using Assange.”

“What are you saying Darkness?”

“I am saying that there are not many people who could have pulled this off in the virtual – Shalimar the Clown is right; first, let’s look at the tools of the trade – we have cross-overs in 4 times zones; these are all coordinated not centrally but in each is a stand alone – so we know that high powered computers are used – let’s look at the security; if one cell gets painted, it doesn’t affect the rest, they all have multiple feeds so it’s almost impossible to trace them, to do this, you need at least 4 cells in 4 continents in 4 different times zones  – we are dealing with professionals – then you have to ask, who is picking what the world should see and not….but most importantly your Excellency the skeleton key that will open the door to this delightful mystery is, Cui Bono?”

“Cui Bono? Indeed Darkness….what else are you saying Darkness…please don’t hold back.”

“I am saying your Excellency, this is not a case of scaring a few monkeys by threatening to throw the book at them just because they used a four letter word in their blog….I am saying this is the big league….I am saying it is so big that these people don’t even know where to begin plugging this hole. I kid you not, they have no idea. I am saying… this may even get worse before it can get better your Excellency.”

A secret conversation onboard the Laanstrad Deep Space Starcruiser -KDD Concordat

(Due to Measured Response some sections of this transcript has been censored, deleted or removed)

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“Why have the Brotherhood sent their spaceships here? We have not seen them for years.”

“Maybe they just need to refuel?”

“Maybe they know?”

“How is that possible?”

“Impossible you say! Anything is possible when you work for the bloody circus!”

(Due to Measured Response this excerpt intercepted by an auto-bot crawler has been censored, deleted or withdrawn from general circulation)

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