The Facts of Life – No More Leaks: Part 1

December 25, 2010

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Most people believe the internet is just a good for nothing cesspit. I guess with the help of the MSM, it is possible to turn night into day and the moon into the sun. But I believed the internet is a treasure trove; a great experiment, where we as humans are the very raw material itself – that is why the internet has always fascinated me.

I am watching this documentary now:

This perspective is very intriguing as it takes an oblique view of the occupation of Iraq through the eyes of an obscure Iraqi village doctor – the plot shuffles along at roughly the speed of a motorized wheelchair in the first 30 min, only to gather speed; there is no plot from what I am being able to discern, except perhaps a day to day chronological account – but I believe this is the reason why this documentary is so powerful and riveting, as what it captures is an angle of the Iraqi occupation that has never ever been seen or told before – I hope some of you will scroll back to part 1 and try to catch the entire series in Youtube.

Happy Watching

Darkness 2011


“You really want to know why they couldn’t plug the leak? It was the same mentality as why BP couldn’t plug that busted well headed in the Gulf of Mexico – it boils down to one word, arrogance – mind you these same folk are willing to spend billions buying the latest fighter bombers from McDonnel Douglas; they have even the latest frigates and the latest this and that – but when it comes to the internet; they allocate it the least priority; now you know why we were able to walk right into Wayang Party and download so much incriminating data – that we have stored away in a very safe place – why do you think they take pot shots at everyone except us? Because they jolly well know we can bloody their nose –  now you know why they were ass fucked by Wikileaks – and when it happened what was their response? A big fat nothing – and who had to plug up the leak at the end of the day….guess how many people are reading this?…..guess who is reading this… point is this apprentice….numerical superiority gets you only to a certain point. Beyond that it is the standard Pareto 80/20 rule. In the internet it is more like the 999/1 rule. As to make a crowd believe that elephants can fly you do not need to have a readership of  10,000 per article. That is a fiction, all you need to do is get the movers and shakers to buy in – I mean apprentice, how many people do you imagine started the French Revolution? Do you want to know???????? 3, that is all it took, 3 intellectuals…how many people started world war 1? Less than 5. And how many do you think ended it? 4 and a parrot, the bird came in whenever there was a hung decision…see my point. I think this summarizes the situation aptly…that is why I do not believe the cyber team that is assembled by the government is making any progress in the internet – they don’t know this simple principle of management – after all how the fuck can you expect to influence the 20% when all you do every fucking day is feed them soundbites that only the 80% lap up – so where do you think the 20% will go…..Ah…that is the rub my young apprentice…..this is how the game is played…so far I have played it like a sportsman, I hope that I can continue to do so now and in the future…but if things should get dirty…I want you to know one thing…I will not hesitate to shift gears. I have a feeling we should hedge our bets when we are dealing with monkeys who think they are very clever. Meanwhile move everything to Malaysia within 24 hours. Singapore Inc is Kaput!” 

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