Sex in the City a la Sentosa Cove

December 30, 2010

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Seems like many PRC girls find the lure of quick money by jumping into the sack with rich fatties irresistible.  I am not here to do a reenactment of  George Yeo & Co, “join me for a spot of cocktail talk session.” So if you happen to be the Chinese ambassador reading this – please remember that I am in no way speaking anecdotally about PRC girls;  neither should anything I write here be treated as a statement of fact- this is just a blog and it’s strictly based on my personal take on the matter.

I guess one reason why so many PRC girls resort to this illicit stream of income – has a lot to do with how comparatively, the average Singaporeans is better off when compared to the average soyabean farmer who is probably surviving on mud cakes and tree bark congee in China.

The typecasting of the young Chinese women who come over to Singapore only to end up into the sex trade seems to be so prevalent these days – that image is fast rooting itself in our national landscape. In a couple of years it may even be able to compete with our Merlion – the situation however is not as bad as In some countries, where the sex trade has become so entrenched in the national pysche, that it has even morphed into a national pastime – in Thailand for example the sex industry generates $4.3 billion annually and accounts for an estimated 3% of the country’s economy. And guess what? Most of the demand is driven by the domestic economy. My point is when society goes down that road; then its conceivable the problem is here to stay given time it will become so ingrained that it will simply be intractable.

While law enforcement agencies, researchers and women’s rights advocates continue to point the crooked finger at flesh traffickers, triads, pimps, brothel owners and corrupt cops for being responsible for the illicit sex trade – no one really looks at the root cause – the way I see it; these aren’t the main culprits who are responsible for fueling the China connection sex industry in Singapore.

The way I see it is Simple Simon – the primary reason why the flesh trade continues to flourish in Singapore is due primarily to the people who are responsible for generating the “demand.” It’s simple economics – demand since time immemorial has always been a function that has driven supply. And to suggest that it can be the other way round is simply disingenuous – that’s one reason why every governments since man first experimented with city living in Ur some 4,000 years ago located in present day Iraq has failed to stamp out the oldest profession in the world. Because whenever they go for the pimps, brothel owners etc, all they are really doing is constricting the supply, not realizing that only increases the demand exponentially thus provides further incentives to perpetuate the flesh trade.

Solution would appear simple, kill the demand and the supply of China hookers will simply die out – that’s easier said than done – perhaps as most of us look on from the five foot way at this sordid episode; it may be a good opportunity to press the pause button and ask ourselves – why is it although the vast majority of us who would have absolutely no hesitation for saying NO to funding child labor, slavery, apartheid or any form of exploitation that demeans another human – but when it comes to fueling the sex industry, its another story all together? Something to consider – how then do you even begin to talk about managing the demand – when you get fatties who are so completely fucked up in their heads, that they are even willing to pay $800 for a one night stand? I have no illusions who is to blame here; none whatsoever – like they say, it takes two to tango.

I am very clear.

Darkness 2011


“If you want to know the real value of a man. Look very closely at what type of woman he is goes out with – I find that, that’s a very good litmus test of character.”

“I agree Singaporedaddy, that is why we prefer camels to horses, they are more loyal, less finicky and more even tempered.”

“But hold on a second Al Khaleed, (Liaison officer of the Saffron route), Zorro also has a horse and it is quite loyal, he whistles and the horse comes like a taxi.”

“True very true Singaporedaddy, but camels are better, when we whistle, they come into our tents.”

“You don’t say now Al Khaleed.”

Singaporedaddy, the elders of the tribes in the gulf gaming sector have requested me to ask you whether it is possible for you people to fashion a camel with two humps instead of one?

That’s out of the question Al Khaleed, you see we already have enough problems trying to make camels walk naturally using computer graphics with one hump; so two humps is definitely out of the question.

The Maliki and the Al Shaud tribes are willing to pay handsomely Liaison officer.

Listen here, every time I visit the Saffron route we cross legs in a wadi for a tribal meeting with you rag heads; and we always end up talking about nothing but bleeding camels! No Al Khaleed. Enough!

The Prince is most insistent and besides you both went to school together, so you owe us besides we bankrolled this gaming chapter so we want two hump camels or no humps at all!

Don’t you rag heads know anything. You cant bloody have a camel with no humps. For good sake camels we all know that camels with no humps are all Christian animals.

Christians! Blasphemy!

Oh is that so. Then pray tell me why do they call camels with no humps….Humphrey then????

Conversation captured by an auto-bot somewhere along the Saffron Route in the planet Sahhidinana – The Brotherhood Press 2010

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