Where is Darkness Singaporedaddy?

March 25, 2011

Missy Dotty: Where is Darkness Singaporedaddy?

Singaporedaddy: Somewhere where there are loads of creepy crawlies and deadly spitting cobras presumably.

Missy Dotty: So you’re still in touch…..

Singaporedaddy: On and off, he’s made a point of cutting himself off from all of us with this preposterous idea of living the quaint life of a farmer.

Missy Dotty: I say Singaporedaddy, could you possibly arrange for us to visit his plantation one day for a picnic?

Singaporedaddy: Certainly…..but it’s hard country out there Missy. Besides there might be a problem…

Missy Dotty: Problem…Singaporedaddy?

Singaporedaddy: Darkness has changed Missy. I am sure even you must realize Missy, it’s impossible for a man to spend months in jungle running around with savages and still remain the same.

Missy Dotty: How odd. This change…do you happen to know whether, it for the better or worse?

Singaporedaddy: I have no idea Missy, the guilds have sent out an expedition team to locate his exact whereabouts. Due to the weather, they had to pull back. For the time being it’s all up in the air. All contact has been severed. Like I said Missy, it’s not reasonable to expect a man to spend months on end in the jungle and still remain the same.

Missy Dotty: Yes. I am sure he has changed. Then again, I am sure somethings will never ever change.

Singaporedaddy: Yes. You are right Missy…one thing for sure will never ever change. On that I am quite certain Missy. Let me just upload a few videos and you can see for yourself the type of life, he has been living. Then perhaps you will be a better position to decide whether it’s a good idea to go all the way to God knows where to visit him.

Supplies low. Stop.Had to abandon the land rover and proceed by river. No more batteries. Com is out. Stop. Have made contact with the Orang Asli – will be here for a while. Stop. Ask Team B to go back. We will push on into the interior. Stop”

Last radio transmission from Darkness 2011 to the Interspacing Mercantile Guild.
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