Opening a “Tin” of worms?

April 1, 2011

One thing will never change about the human condition – there will always be people complaining that some people simply don’t deserve to be famous or get paid creamy salaries for doing fuck all. I guess what they’re trying to say is, fame and fortune should be commensurate with value, skill and métier – and guess what, I agree with them completely. And that my friends is executive summary of why so many netizens are lampooning PAP’s latest catastrophic success Miss Tin z- they see none of these things in her! 

It seems curious to me a self appointed political pundits such as Botak Siew seem to see the Miss Tin affair as something feral, undesirable and nasty that compromises the whole idea of fair play – and he has even taken the bizarre step of admonishing certain quarters in the net for being too intrusive. But nothing can be further from the truth. As since time in memorial, folk have always been preoccupied with the timeless question: what can he (or she) bring to the table? That really the gist of it when the public is directed towards her private life. And its only natural part of that line of enquiry requires any sane person to dig into the past history of a prospective candidate to further understand her worldview ( which in my view doesn’t amount to very much) –  so pray tell, why should the whole idea of the elemental right to privacy apply to politicians and public figures –  after all they are a preachy lot and get paid exorbitant salaries that come off the sweat and brow of taxpayers so doesn’t the public (end user or consumer) have an  conduct their due diligence? This I leave to you the perceptive reader to decide.

Besides this sentiment contrary to what Botak head Siew submits is hardly the stuff of smut and harks all the way back to Biblical times, when even Paul admonished the Corinthians, that Christians sought fame in his age only “to obtain a corruptible crown” of celebrity. 

It’s even conceivable, our innate instinct to scrutinize leaders and public figures is so ingrained in all of us that we can’t help but do, say and ask the questions we do of leaders – to me for lack of a better word, it’s a time and tested process of evaluating the métier of a leader. Granted this impulse to probe into a leaders background may be closer to some primitive ritual, with all their cruelty, and all it’s backwardness. But what’s important to register is this same impulse is responsible for feeding our own fetishes towards Lady GaGa, Beyoncé and the cult of Obamania.

In other words – when one talks about leadership and the pineapple eye of public scrutiny – it’s naive to believe the blessing doesn’t come in the wake of the curse.

If Miss Rin Tin Tin affair holds out any prospects of redemption, it is simply this putting the spotlight on public figures isn’t any where near a deterioration from a pristine past, neither is as Botak Head Siew suggested a despicable act – Its simply the clearest expression of how voters, consumers and end user appraise leaders along with the whole idea of whether they are getting good value for their money – to put it crudely, in a society where meritocracy is trumped time and again – then it stands to reason, prospective politicians should only get into office by cutting their teeth like gladiators and should never be allowed to aspire upwards by ridding on the coat tails of the old guards. 

It’s nothing short of the recognition leadership in the context of politics cannot be just about eye candying and nano soundbites – by probing into Miss Tin’s vapid life a la Kate Spade, all they are really saying is politics is for serious people who should have the requisite métier for public service not parvenu’s, wannabes and people with backdoor connections to live then life of the rich and famous- but when the serious business of politics is enmeshed with people who have no business being there in the first place, then pray tell, where does the whole idea of meritocracy go too? 

Life is very simple. Don’t make it more complicated than it already is. If you can’t take the heat in the heat in the kitchen, then take Kit -Kat – that’s as good as it will ever get in the net.

Hammer away lah!

Darkness 2011

“Most people earn their money the hard way, so when the see a nobody getting $13K for doing fuck all, that makes a nonsense of the whole idea of meritocracy. So you can’t blame them if they have difficulty perceiving value in the whole transaction – it’s natural for folk to feel shortchanged. If you want the mantle, then go and start up another Pixar or Google, better still go and write a best seller and win the pulitzer, then you can even be 12 years old, but no one is going to take potshots at you. Because you are truly exceptional and deserving, But if all you can do is hold a paper bag and believe this is you and sell yourself as the name and face of the future, you really cannot blame some people for scratching their heads and wondering aloud WTF!”  

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