The Things You Hear in Darkness

June 1, 2011

Controller: “Sir, we detected an USR at sector 16”

Commander: “Is that one of ours?”

Controller: “Rodger that.”

Commander: “Get an exact fix on the source of that USR.”

Controller: “We can’t do that, responder has activated stealth mode.”

Commander: “Well trace the IP of the call sign then.”

Controller: “Rodger that.”

Commander: “Well.”

Controller: “It can’t be.”

Commander: “Who is it?”

Controller: “It’s Darkness.”

Commander: ” Sound the General alarm.”

Controller: “Rodger that.”

Excerpt of an intercepted deep space communication between the Controller of Space Statin 384 @ sector 4099 in the Strangelands and the commander of the deep space mineral cruiser KDD Californian.

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