What Mr Tan doesn’t know abt the Internet – Part 1

June 30, 2011

So you people have come all this way just to ask me the fucking question – who is going to win? Let me put it this way – no, let me for once compress my explanation into something as compact as a pill. 

Many believe this is a grand show down between the Internet and the apparatus of mass assimilation, that we all call the mainstream press. But nothing can be further from the truth. 

You can only buy into that proposition, if you believe sites such as wayang party aka temasek review aka temasek review emeritus and recently satay club are trully independent and do not harbor a hidden agenda. I’ve never believed in that idea. I have always believe these are sites that are sponsored directly by the government to gain a beach head in the internet. That’s one reason why they take pot shots at everyone except us. They know we have enough incriminating to blow them till kingdom come twice over with half to spare Gentlemen.

I understand if most netizens view this theory as counter intuitive; after all sites such as temasek review seem to be irredeemable as they often display a very clear anti establishment slant. But what did you numbskulls really expect if the goal is to control the ebb and flow of thoughts and states of mind in the Internet. This goes back to the prisoners capper – I am sure many of you have heard how it works- in this hypothetical scene – the objective is get incriminating evidence from a suspect that’s holding out- and this is accomplished is by putting a policeman masquerading as a criminal in the same cell as the suspect. This hardly requires any elaboration. As far as the psychologic aspects are concerned they too hardly require any elaboration. I shall leave the details to your imagination Gentlemen.

So coming back to the question of who will win – it’s clear as day, TT will win. As for TKL, he will be torn to shreds by the same medium which he is trying to seek support from, the Internet. That’s because most dummies out there can never ever conceive the remote possibility of Temasek review being anything other than an anti establishment site that emerged from the online fraternity. In reality, Temasek review is none of these things. It is nothing short but the sum of all our fears Gentlemen, I warned you all of this. 

Nonetheless if Temasek Review is dumb enough to stir shit against TKL and brazen enough to character assasinate TKL without rhyme or reason. Then I might just throw my support behind that muppet, that’s to say, I’ve write and write and write like a man shoveling coal into the furnace and I care not whether it burns down the entire neighborhood.

The way I see it, we have always stood for fair play. If someone wants to win, play it fair and square. That has always been our credo, that’s why we have thrived for over 4,000 years. If any quarter believes otherwise, we will simply have to knock on their door. And they have no one to blame after we have finished with them. It matters very little to me what happens thereafter or whether it was worth it – some battles, we (the brotherhood) will simply have to fight till the last man and material.

Do you understand me Gentlemen?

Now you have my answer. Go now. And tell this to the Council of the dumb. I kid you not, when I say to you that if TR is silly enough to go down this road named perdition. We will simply have to close ranks, form a neat line and blunt their efforts. This we can do with remarkable ease. Don’t even need to reach out to many either. A little goes a long way…a very long way. Gentlemen, believe me, when I tell you all I much prefer to spend the remainder of my days tending my palm oil estate than to fight for someone that I care very little for. But it seems, I may not have a choice.

Now they know the score.

Darkness 2011

Darkness: “There are ten packages of information relating to Wayang Party. Each one is triple encrypted using a series of vending machines that I have connected to 15 different servers around the world. Each packet of data never stays in one place for more than 30 seconds. If an authorized code is keyed more than 3 times. It will automatically go back to a place called home. Only I know where this place is. I am telling you all this Gentlemen. You need not force it out of it. Or even pay me a dime. Take it because this is proof that TR is what I say it is. Go now! Meanwhile find out who is behind this smear campaign. Remember everyone reports to everyone, so work the channels and sniff high and low. Do you all understand?”

3rd stage Navigator: “No quite Darkness. Are you asking us to prepare for war?”

Darkness: “Not in so many words Mr Navigator. Not in so many words. Only let us say, good must win over evil.”

3rd stage Navigator: Long live the Brotherhood!

Darkness: “Yes, that too.”

Recorded very recently by the Chronicler of the Brotherhood in the Book of Ages under the Chapter: The Suriman Expedition / transcript of conversation intercepted by the deep space mineral cruiser KDD Dr Zhivago – The Brotherhood Press 2011  


Controller of Northern Sector in Ursala Major: “61, we are requesting a link to sector 51.”

Shalimar the Clown: “Sector 51, we have closed all operations in Singapore.”

Controller: “We are requesting a streaming link to sector 51. This is priority red over.”

Shalimar the Clown: “Rodger that! I will prepare for you guys to land as soon as I can find a blog.”

Controller: “Long live the Brotherhood!”

Shalimar the Clown: “Long live the Brotherhood!”

Message transcript recorded by an auto-bot crawler at sector 51 / The Brotherhood Press 2011

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