Making progress by going backwards

July 28, 2011

Eva: You got out of the market just at the right time didn’t you Darkness. Tell me how did you know that things were going to head South?

Darkness: Eva, I know that neither you or most people will believe what I am about to say – but I had absolutely no idea the market would take a turn for the worst. Believe it or not, it’s just one of those lucky hunches. I can’t really supply an explanation as to why I pulled right out of the market, except to say – at some point, when I was just looking at those lines in the computer and I said to myself, ‘this game just doesn’t make any sense to me anymore. I don’t think it’s possible to win’ That if you must know Eva was the moment when I knew deep inside, I had to activate plan B.

Eva: Plan B?

Darkness: Yes Eva, Plan B – the place where X marks the spot. We all need such a place. You need it, so do I and so do most people, if only they realize – it is pointless to put all your hopes on hopeless people – they will just let you down Eva. Eva let me tell you something that is very private – I’ve always seen myself as that man in that movie the Shawshank Redemption – you know the man who couldn’t quite fit in.

Eva: I know, the man who wadded through a pipeline full of shit.

Darkness: Yes Eva, now finish you breakfast. I have something I want to share with you this morning.

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