men, dogs & the OWC

July 28, 2011


Eva: You don’t spend any time with me.

Darkness: What do you call this Eva? We are here in this 6 by 15 tent and you’re still whinning that I hardly spend anytime with you.

Eva: Your mind is elsewhere.

Darkness: You know what Eva. You should join the OWC.

Eva: Yes, I heard about that disgusting idea.

Darkness: Why does it disgust you Eva?

Eva: Coming to think of it Darkness. Many things you do disgust me. I’ve been bottling it all in. Your writings for instance abt us Germans. I take exception to the way you describe our womenfolk –

Darkness: Come on Eva. You claim to be emancipated and a free minded well educated European woman and yet you succumb to the most primal instincts.

Eva: So now you are saying that I am primal, just because I am disgusted by your attitude towards women – and how you regularly compare us all to dogs? Oh, Darkness, when we get back, you are really going to get it.

Darkness: I thought we were having an intelligent conversation? Look here all I am trying to say here is somethings that trigger our disgust happen to be innate, like the sight of gunk coming our from your nostrils. No one has to teach you to feel disgusted by that, you just are – and it’s perfectly natural.

I just feel when it comes to the idea of the OWC, most women tend to react automatically. Perhaps, they’ve learned the whole idea of regarding it as disgusting. I don’t think that sort of response comes from the core – you know the stuff that is perfectly natural to feel disgusted over.

Eva: OK Darkness, let’s pretend that we are really having an intelligent conversation – so you think that if a woman joins the OWC, she would bring joy and happiness to herself and her lesser half? How’s that possible when it demeans the status of a woman?

Darkness: look don’t get defensive Eva. All I am trying to say here is the a whole of disgust may have more to do with the things we choose to put into our brains – there’s a lot of cultural baggage and individual variation that colors the whole idea of what we consider disgusting – calm down Eva, all I am saying is the core base of what triggers disgust these days has expanded to the point where certain kinds of perceived violations – be they moral, social, and even value systems of groups that may appear alien can all to often be wrongly perceived to be disgusting as well.

I mean if you look at what the OWC is trying to do – all they are really saying is – we all need to get along; if we want to stay happy under the same roof.

Eva: Yes and your idea of a perfect roof is one that probably has a kennel or a dancing pole in it.

Darkness: What’s so wrong with that idea Eva?

Eva: It’s wrong because what you really desire Darkness is not a soul mate, but a four legged Praetorian like Heindrich.

Darkness: What has my dog got to do with this whole conversation?

Eva: Everything Darkness. I’ve seen the way both of you interact. I just don’t think that sort of dynamic is healthy when we are talking about the whole idea of the nuclear family.

Darkness: That’s enough Eva, this conversation is over – now if you don’t mind, Orpuk will escort you back to your tent. Good night Eva.

Eva: With pleasure!

Suriman tales – The Brotherhood Press 2011

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