August 2, 2011

Eva: Is there a need to fight?

Darkness: Probably not – but you must understand this is not Singapore – this is the edge of the known world Eva. Folk here don’t just give respect for squat. Not especially when they see outsiders muscling into their operations – I can understand if they want to negotiate around that idea to gain an advantage. You just have to make it very expensive for them to take a slice of who you really are – I don’t see it as an issue of choice as it remains a fact of life – and what I am saying could well apply to relationships, office politics or how and where you wish to draw the line when it comes to having a purpose driven life with your church – you just need to draw that line and say these are the house rules and it’s not open to any negotiations. Sure they may poison my ground water, trees and even every single one of my dogs. But if you keep rachetting up the price. I think sooner or later they are just to going to say; this fish simply has too many bones, it just ain’t worth it.

Eva: And you think that’s the only way?

Darkness: Probably not Eva. But I just want you to believe me, when I say, nothing would give me the keenest pleasure for people to love me to bits around here; but if I can’t get that despite trying my level best – then I don’t really mind settling for second best idea.

Eva: And what’s that?

Darkness: Fear Eva.

Eva: So it’s true what they say, the devil lives on top of this hill.

Darkness: Probably Eva, but you’re talking to a man who thinks the whole idea of heaven is overrated.

The Suriman Tales – The Brotherhood Press 2011

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