A dog with a broken leg

August 27, 2011

Darkness: Eva, in the moment of my youth – I did something that has always colored my days.

Eva: I know. I read about it in your personal file.

Darkness: Let me finish please Eva. I left a man to die on a mountain .

Eva: No Darkness! You saved six men. You brought them down safely. You’re a hero Darkness.

Darkness: I don’t see it that way Eva – you see Eva, everything can be reasoned and rationalized – you could say I did it to save six other climbers. But I am not so sure that was the right thing to do. Not now Eva. You see Eva, I’ve had alot of time to think of over it – that’s why I’ve got to find a way to fix Milo. Right now everything tells me the best thing to do is cook Milo his favourite mutton goulash and when he is sound asleep put a bullet in his head. But I am not going to do that Eva.

Eva: What is the reason then?

Darkness: I need to believe Eva. I need to believe in a land called hope.

Suriman Tales 2011 – The Brotherhood Press 2011

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