“Barisan Nasional will lose the next GE”

August 28, 2011

I want you to understand one thing. No, I am sorry. I meant. I want you to convey this to your masters. You may lose the next general elections in Malaysia.

Is that so. Why?

You see it is very simple actually. Let me explain this to you like a baby. Are you aware that your government currently has plans to gobble up a row of old shophouses in Jalan Bukit Bintang?

I wouldn’t use the word gobble, if I were you. You are correct. There are plans to acquire shophouses under the land acquisition act. But you have to understand, this is to make way for a new MRT station to meet the public transportation demands of urbanites in KL. In what way does a couple to shophouses affect the interest of the Brotherhood? I fail to understand.

Tell me something. What sits on top of this train station?

I see what what you are getting at? There will be a mall and office spaces. It’s after all prime real estate.

Then may I ask, are you going to compensate these small landowners equitably? That’s to say, are you people going to pay them market rate for those properties? Since building a train station seems to be the last thing in your mind. Let me speak off the record, we all know that this is just one way for you chaps to grab prime real estate.

What if we decide not too?

Oh, if you do that, then we may have a very serious problem – now do you see why I said earlier, that you people may lose the next general elections.

You people are delusional. How can a bunch of misfits. Who play online games possibly pose a threat to us?

Please calm down. I want you to understand, this is not personal, it’s business. Let me put it like this. There are around 2 million gamers in your country. Each one them ranges between the age of 14 to 45. Now let us say that each one of them has a social network numbering 10 to 12 people. This figure of course includes members of their families and their inner circle…….

Wait, wait…wait. I see where you’re coming from…. Oh my God! I see what you mean.

Yes, Oh my God is one way of putting it. I am so happy, we understand each other perfectly now. Our hope now is that your people who are in the business of building malls now understand why you cannot hide behind the national land acquisition Act to materialize your goals – please understand, we do not mind relocating our servers from these buildings. Only through the years, we have build up a very strong association with some of these shop owners – our only desire now is that your masters are internally persuaded that these small shop owners must be compensated along market rates and not be forced to foreclose under fire sale terms  – our hope now is that your people will finally see the wisdom that we have every intention of keeping our pact of neutrality with the government of the day.

May I ask what ties do you people have with these shop owners?

Let us just say that in the Brotherhood, we value friendship above all else. 

(Conversation between a third stage Guild Navigator and a undisclosed person held at 0845 somewhere in the vicinity of Bukit Bintang Malaysia – transcript captured by the mineral cruiser KDD Californian – the Brotherhood Press 2011)


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