A dog with a broken leg

September 4, 2011

I really don’t know how your brain works Darkness! But you have to be psychotic. Look here, it’s really simple – normal people don’t mix their avatars with their real personalities and mash it all up together like fruits in a blender – what they do is keep, these different worlds apart very much in the way, you put two different pairs of shoes in two separate shoe boxes – now you see why I find it very difficult to hold a coherent conversation with you.

All those different shoes still end up in one cupboard Eunice. Do you mind if I call you Eunice?

No! You cannot call me Eunice. Besides that’s not my real name! You have not been listening to a word that I have said, have you Darkness?

I hear you. I understand. But Eunice, you’re just having a monologue here – if there is a purpose to this conversation – you’re not here to convince me but rather yourself.

Huh! So what you’re saying now is you know me better than I know myself psycho boy?

Yes Eunice, in a very narrow sense – I know that you were one of the few women who snuck into the brotherhood ten years – and managed to remain undetected in the system till very recently. Now let me level with you Eunice – I am not only here to fix my dog – I want to know how you did it.

Why do you want to know?

You see I have this plan Eunice – I happen to know exactly when our servers in Bukit Bintang will be shutting down and moving out of Malaysia – are you ready for this?

Go on Darkness.

Eunice I want to rob a bank.

Suriman Tales – 2011

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