A dog with a broken leg – Part 4

September 5, 2011

Rob a bank? And what bank would that be Darkness?

The Laanstrad Mercantile Exchange, Eunice.

You’re outa of your mind Darkness that capper can’t be pulled off, not without ending up like Swiss cheese that is. Everyone who plays the game knows that. So what if you happen to know when the servers are going to go offline in Bukit Bintang. Big deal – that doesn’t change a thing Darkness – it’s still the most well guarded building in Primus Aldentes Prime, if not the whole galaxy – OK Darkness, let’s just say, you manage to find a pilot as cuckoo as you to fly you into the grounds. You still have to deal with the force field. And let’s just say you manage to get into the parameter by some divine miracle, those walls are almost impossible to breach – mind you, they are all lined with kinetic armor capable of withstanding the strongest explosives. And let’s just say, you manage to get into the vault – how are you going to crack the safe with a satellite link with 1000,000,000 combinations? It’s impossible!

How do you know all that Eunice?

General knowledge.

No Eunice. Do you want to know why I pulled you out of that burning wreck in D’ni?

I would have done the same for you Darkness. We were after all on the same side. So that’s not exactly the deal of the century.

My point fuck puppet is I stick my neck out for no one – you see Eunice, I happen to know about your girl power gang. I even know your crew were planning to rob that bank to teach us male chauvinist pigs a lesson – do you want to know, who really brought down your spaceship? I did it, took it out cleanly with Aryanian plasma rocket launcher – that way, it would look exactly like enemy ground fire. But I want to be clear about this – it was strictly business, I was just following orders from the Council.

That doesn’t surprise me in the least – you’re all a bunch of inbreeding lying snakes in the brotherhood – yeah, so what if I wanted to teach you wankers a lesson – let’s just say I was an angry young girl ten years ago and I wasn’t exactly alone either. There must have been thousands like me who really wanted to fix you guys. Yes, we girls did play with that idea – but like I said, it’s a hard capper to pull off – so we just stuck to things like switching identities. Besides it’s impossible to fly over that bank – and if you really want to get in – that’s the best way.

Eunice, have you tried the tunnels?

Oh I see Darkness. You mean those tunnels that everyone talks about but no one has ever seen before?

Eunice, those tunnels exist. And they run right underneath the LME. You have to get me into the game, I’ve show you and your friends.

I can’t take this level of excitement these days – I need to dance away all this nervous energy – come on, we can continue this in a really nice bar…want to take a chance on life Mr bank robber?

The Suriman Tales – 2011

Miss Kitana’s writings are not gone. It is preserved intact in the Kennedy Wing (North Annex) of the Free Internet Library Board building just opposite the People’s Hall of the Hero’s in Primus Aldentes Prime. This building houses treasures from all over the universe, but mainly manuscripts and writings.

The FILB is a deceptively small building from the road. As it looks like a single storey building with a very high ceiling sorrounded by a lush green square with mature cedars.

But unknown too many it has an underground chamber spaning over 700 kilometers. It is about easily a thousand times bigger than the National Library in Bugis plus the whole MRT system put together.

The Kennedy annex is located in section 140 /room 091/ at sub level 16 / this level is sealed off from the general public and can only be entered by the curator and by miss Kitana. Her name is on the ledger as owner. All she needs to do is contact the curator of the FILB
Extracted by an Auto-Bot crawler – The Brotherhood Press 2011

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