A dog with a broken leg – Part 5

September 6, 2011

I bags the white, Mr Bank Robber.

Go for it, I like women who to take charge. But I warn you, I am really good at this game Eunice.

We shall see Darkness. Now do you mind sharing with moir how we’re going to get into those tunnels.

Look Eunice. It’s easier than falling over a log. Some idiot in Primus has broadcasted to the entire world, those tunnels that we all know aren’t supposed to exist, exist. Now the way I see it, it’s clear as day from that point onwards. All we have to do is get one of your girl power friends to convince the curator of the Free Internet Library that she’s actually Kitana – get it? That’s where I am counting on you and your crew. Once we are in the tunnels – then we will make it up as we go along – the way I see it – those tunnels were built somewhere around 2001, computing power was pretty basic in those days, so we aren’t talking about bio metrics or any of those complex codes – all we have to do is turn one knob after another and walk through a series of doors – we could just as well crack the Da Vinci code while trying to solve crossword puzzles – trust me Eunice, it will be easy peasy. The key is getting into those tunnels -once we are in, the rest is going to be a breeze Eunice.

If it’s such a no brainer – why didn’t your crew pull this capper off earlier?

We don’t have any girls in brotherhood – none who aren’t honory men at least – all we have is a bunch of nick nacks like Aurora, Eva and that girl who impersonates a HAL 9000. You’re the only suitable candidate Eunice – besides they are all either stocky and big boned Europeans and Americans. You’re the only Asian Chinese girl who we know managed to get into the brotherhood – why do you think, I pulled you out of that burning spaceship? I knew that you would be useful one day Eunice.

OK. But you’re still missing an important detail here Darkness – none of us know Kitana- coming to think of it, none of us have even spoken with her – how the hell do you expect my crew to impersonate someone that we don’t even know?

That’s the beauty of the plan Eunice – no one has ever seen Kitana before. For all we know, she’s a talking seal. You know one of those animals that the CIA regularly trains to do really important things.

Like what?

I don’t know Eunice – jump through electric hoops? Look here Eunice, my point is no one has ever met Kitana before – not bloggers or for that matter even the curator of the FILB. Besides, he is the only guy who really matters in this deal – convince him and we are in.

OK. And once we get in then what Mr Bank Robber.

Simple Simon again – you see those tunnels where built for only one purpose during the great battle with the Aryanians – and we were really paranoid at that time – so we figured in the event Primus is attacked by hostile forces – everything in the vault can be transported to a shuttle via a transcontinental wormtrain – that means the vault isn’t like a fixed structure like a bollard – the beauty of the plan is this – the vault is nothing more than a really big cargo hold in a spaceship – once we are in the tunnels – all we have to do is find the door that leads into the cockpit and punch the green button and we are home free – simple as tic-tac-toe.

You thought of everything didn’t you?

Yes, Eunice. I’ve planned this for nearly 10 years.

Plan this. Checkmate!

The Suriman Tales – The Brotherhood Press 2011

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