A dog with a broken leg – Part 6

September 10, 2011

Once we pull this off Eunice. I don’t think we can even met up again.

Why not?

This is going to be my curtain act.

And what happens to me? I don’t know how to hide the money.

I can teach you Eunice.

Well if it’s going to be like that, then play something nice Darkness – that way I will always have something to remember you by – I want to say that it has been very nice – and I want to apologize, if I was rude to you. But I don’t….

Words aren’t necessary Eunice. I want to play a piece now.

Yes Darkness, play and I will listen and then we will have dinner and you go your way and I mine. There is another way you know gypsy man.

No Eunice, there’s only this way and I’ve got to find what I am searching for.

Well if that’s the case Darkness – can I give the Brotherhood salute?

If you like Eunice.

Long live the Brotherhood!

The Suriman Trail – The Brotherhood Press 2011

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