Najib’s Land Grab in Bukit Bintang

September 18, 2011

This is not a MRT project. Let me say this one more time. This is not a MRT project. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying there is no subways or for that matter platforms and trains. There is. But Gentlemen let’s look at the computer graphics once more and what you will notice is there is also shopping malls, office skyscrapers, cafes and God knows what else.

So what we are able to draw from this simple analysis is the MRT is only a side dish. It is very clear to me Najib’s cronies are planning to acquire prime commercial land on the cheap in the name of the common good by claiming to provide Malaysians with an intergrated transportation service. As you can all see this is not only a gross misrepresentation. But an outward lie. Am I calling the Prime Minister of Malaysia a liar. No! I am calling him a liar, a thief and a swindler! Yes, you can all quote me if you wish in Ekunaba. But that is my final position. And let me give you a very good reason why.

The question Gentlemen that we have to ask ourselves is should Najib’s government or for that matter any government in this day and age even venture into the real estate business? I mean this is a simple question and it hardly requires any elaboration why I believe it is a bad idea whenever government is directly involved in Land Development. My point Gentlemen is simply this. If Najib’s goal is to build a MRT, then by all means go ahead. Who the hell is stopping him. Go ahead lah! Build a good one like what we have in Singapore, Hong Kong or for that matter Tokyo. Only why is there are need for them to go into the shopping mall and commercial office space business while they are busying themselves with the cho cho train business? And why pursue such a loopsided strategy at the expense of small shop owners who stand to lose everything while Najib’s cronies and extended family stands to gain everything.

Gentlemen, we can disagree on many things; but I don’t think any of us in this house will have too much difficulty in agreeing that we may have found the good fight in a place called Bukit Bintang!

Darkness 2011

(Speech tabled at the Imperium before the four houses and the Confederation of Gamers Internationale Summit held in Primus Aldentes Prime recently)

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