What really is freedom of speech?

September 27, 2011

What really is freedom of speech Darkness?

I don’t know Eva – coming to think of it, I don’t think anyone on this planet really knows. I reckon it has to be really close to one of those really profound abstractions like orgasm – you know Eva, everyone claims to have had one, even those who don’t seem to be doing it. But the really funny thing about orgasms and freedom of speech is everyone is so busy doing it, that no one has really sat down and asked themselves the really fundamental question: wtf is it?

You’re kidding me! Right? You don’t know what it is?

No Eva. I am dead serious Eva. I guess I could wikipedia it up and come up with a few quotations from some dusty sage. But you’re asking me a very serious question. Now let me put it this way, Eva. Consider this Eva, when a man drives to work – what’s really in his mind?

I don’t know. Getting to the office in one piece?

Yeah, but people are complicated – when you consider that, that person may stir his coffee anti-clockwise, be a Manchester United supporter, own a Toyota Prius, loath ham sandwiches and have a habit of keeping his gas stove on..

What’s your point Darkness?

All I am trying to say Eva – is which part of that man takes over the rest to come up on top of that mess to adequately define the whole idea of free speech? Honestly Eva, my point is most people are too busy freeing themselves to say what they want to say – no one has really internalize the whole idea of free speech in the way you strip down a rifle to it’s bare pieces – where they can say, that’s the firing pin, breech, chamber..

So you’re saying that most people don’t really know what’s free speech?

Yes. What about the internet?

What about it Eva?

Isn’t that free speech at work?

Sure Eva, that’s like claiming to be an archeologist just because you live in a cave – I mean, the ultimate irony could well be most netizens are the most parochial, insular and inbred gits ever to exist in the human timeline. I mean consider this Eva, what if free speech just happens to be an idea that the internet has absolutely nothing to do with – in the way, you, I or for that matter anyone in Ekunaba would never consider using peanut butter to lubricate let’s say a crank shaft? What if the idea of free speech has been so evacuated of meaning, because it’s been used and abused so often that it’s no longer a state mind – but instead has morphed into a verb like that word fuck?

I’ve lost you Darkness.

Now you understand Eva. Now you understand Eva.

The Suriman Tales – The Brotherhood Press 2011 / due to channel change in Phi Beta Kappa, Ekunaba and a scheduled change in Dotseng on a latter date – all transmissions will be captured and forwarded by the space station KDD Intrepid and KDD Kampala.

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