Deconstructing Freedom

September 28, 2011

The order of Purple was never any good Darkness – it was no good then; it’s no bloody good now – that’s why we had to destroy it. Now that we have a new order why can’t you just work within the current system?

Any Tom, Dick and Harry can talk big Eva, but the really important thing is whether you’re willing to stay back after the party and help clean up the mess. The way I see it Eva, we have been cleaning up after you guys since you decided to take over the Brotherhood.

I am starting to realize something disturbing about you Darkness – you’re the world’s most ungrateful guy. Let me finish! We gave you the perfect platform to write, to develop your craft and this you were able to do. And this is how you repay us?

Eva, you may not believe this, I didn’t want to be a writer, but like you said, thanks to you people I became one – a pretty lousy one at that. But what do you really want me to say? That I am happy now I have many readers, in so many countries – well, I can’t really say that. Besides, you’re forgetting one thing Eva – being a writer isn’t such a big deal. I don’t mean that I am not grateful when the Guilds sponsor some of my articles – I think I have to be humble regarding those sort of transactions even if I feel uneasy about it. Don’t get me wrong Eva, I’ve had a good run, the best that any man can hope for – it’s just….

Just what Darkness? Do spit it out!

When I was in University I realized there was really only two types of people – the first just wanted to get jobs in big companies so that they could buy stuff that the world told them, they needed to feel human. The other didn’t really want to get a job – well, at least they seemed different from the rest, but like the proverbial pebble that gets ground down when the bills began to pile up – they eventually saw the wisdom of becoming company men. Well, I’ve always wanted to be my own man Eva – that’s to say, I wanted to be individual from the word go. I mean it may seem strange to you; but I actually respect that idea and ever since I could string a sentence – that’s the way, I have led my life.

And you felt that we cramped your style? So what are you saying, you want your freedom?

No, I am not saying that. Maybe I am not communicating too well. Let me put it another way Eva – most people in the world aren’t trying to be free – that at least, is how I see it even when they are waving their fist and screaming their lungs out for freedom in CNN. The way I see it Eva – most of them can’t really be truly free Eva, not when you consider how much they have invested their sense of being in the whole idea of freedom – they just think they are free. You know what’s really scary don’t you Eva?


If they really were set free, most people probably including moir wouldn’t know what to do with it. You’d better remember that Eva.

The Suriman Tales – The Brotherhood Press 2011

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