Steve Jobs RIP (Rise If Possible)

October 6, 2011

It’s not very often when someone walks over the hill – decides to open shop, only to shake the whole world up and down. I mean just look at his life. I know most people would probably remember him for those virgin white ipods. But what many may not realize is Steve Jobs was really the only man in the Western hemisphere to reclaim much of the entertainment technology that the West once lost to the likes of Toshiba, Sony and Panasonic et al. What’s important to note here is around the time, when the West saw their Grundig’s and RCA’s give way to an unceasing sea of cheaper and better products from Japan. It seemed impossible to reverse. I remember politicians called for the boycott of Japanese goods. They were willing to pull out every dirty trick to hobble the Japanese. Then came along this guy with a really bad haircut who just said to all of us, why don’t you try this out, you may even get like it so much that you want one for yourself. Since then like the Americans say, it’s history. If you think about it, there was a childlike charm to the whole Steve Jobs and user transaction, it was soft and incredibly respectful – just like the man himself Apple products never required their users to jump through hoops or do mental Hatha Yoga, all the complications was gutted clean leaving you totally comfortable to do what you need to do – and when you’re at ease anything and everything is possible – so you could say when Steve Jobs built this philosophy into his products he not only changed the rules of the game, but he even rewrote it.

I don’t think most people can be another Steve Jobs, certainly not me, at least. But I think we can certainly believe in ourselves a bit more instead of looking up at the mountains for some dear leader for pearls of wisdom – as what Steve Jobs did by just the act of living was give us all the belief real greatness comes deep within us. And the role of leaders is not to lead, rather to elicit that greatness that’s already within us all. It’s my pleasure to christen this new space station that will serve in the outskirts of Blibao Ursula – the KDD Steve Jobs.

Darkness 2011

(Commemoration of the new Dimitiri class space station in the Stranglelands – The KDD Steve Jobs)

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