$ from old stuff

October 13, 2011

I’ve managed to get some really old art nouvea furniture from a old estate bungalow. This is just a review of the items.

I want to sell them.

(1) Ruskin Sofa set – tropical hardword, mixture of teak and chingay timber – condition: good, comes with no cushions – selling price: 3,000 Imperiums.

(2) Art Decor clothes cabinet. Condition: Good. Price: 1,000 Imperiums.

(3) Bed spring set – with cast iron bracket – condition: excellent. I am willing to trade this for a passport to Project Entropia and new identity.

(4) 6 sets of dinning chairs – material: unknown – possibly mixture of mahogany and cherry wood – very interesting feature where the bottom part can be removed. – price: 200 Imperiums each – if you take all of them, I’ve throw in a full length art Nouvea full lenght mirror for free.

If you’re interested please come unarmed to Intaca – I’ve be in the backroom of the bar gambling as usual something around lunch time, primus time: 892001.

Many thanks.

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