Why teaching kids abt the big bad wolf will fail – Part 2

November 23, 2011

The answer is critical thinking Darkness.

Perhaps. But you’re forgetting one thing Eva.

What’s that?

Think about it Eva. Let’s say you have a group of people who can winnow truth from lies like one of those industrial diamond sieves – you know those machines with sieves so fine that they can even trap particles the size bacteria. Well let’s say, you have a bus load of those people and there they are preoccupied with the whole idea of ferreting the truth on this and that. Now consider this, what do you think will happen when these guys begin to turn their attention to the subject of politics and power? What if they even proceed to deconstruct many of the myths and time honored assumptions that makes up the whole idea of government? Where then will the whole idea of government be? Now you see why, it doesn’t pay in the long run for any government to develop critical thinking skills in the masses.

The Suriman Tales – The Brotherhood Press 2011

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