The future of communication

December 7, 2011

“In the very beginning, all we really did was write in the internet. Then with improvements in technology, many of us began experimenting with different genres of communication – first it was youtube. But in the future, it may well take an earth shattering leap to the domain of film and movies. One day even a kid would be able to produce high quality movies that can match what regularly comes out of Hollywood. When that day arrives, then the whole idea of communication will merge with the whole idea of fantasy. We would do well to position ourselves somewhere in the learning curve of this new development. The Romans did not just rule the world, they accomplished this with the mastery of civil engineering – they could build roads that funnelled their armies and supplies to allow them to prosecute long campaigns which would otherwise have been impossible. Neither did the British just assume the mantle of imperialist and colonist on the cheap either – this they did by way of steel ships that could ply the high seas with such regularity that they owned it. As for the Americans, we already know that their conquest of space was strategic in the gaining a beach head to allow them to do the things they do – in the same way, in the future, when this technology to produce films, movies and short stories cheaply reaches a tipping point – then it too will assume a position that is incomparable to what we currently have a means of telling stories.”

Excerpt from a speech given by Darkness 2011 at the Timbilinger Gaming Meet recently in Munchen, Bavaria – The Brotherhood Press 2011

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