Kim Jong il has run out of juice

December 19, 2011

Believe it or not, I actually feel sad that the dear leader has passed on. I can’t recall a world leader who has made me laugh so much through the years, except perhaps our entire elite cabinet. Our politicians regularly claim to be so stable, efficient and level headed, I may just take up the offer of using them as a side table to put my tiger beer and nuts on whenever I watch a football game on telly. North Koreans IMHO are just highly misunderstood people – if the truth be known, they must all have a great sense of humor. It’s the only country I know that regularly features “no smoking” signs all over public buildings. But since the dear leader loves to smoke, it is not unusual to see two oversized ashtrays beneath these warnings. The only country where five star hotels literally means you will probably see five stars or more since ceiling fans regularly drop on the heads of guest. The only country where if you hear “knock, knock” that’s not the cue to ask “whose there?” Because it simply means, a North Korean Auntie is hammering your head for taking authorized pictures. The only country I know that has managed to put to shame l’ecole de cordon blue by being able to serve up culinary delights such as tree bark congee and mud cake souffle. The only regime on this planet that regularly manages to thumb its nose at the powers that be, by regularly making fools of superpowers – when Obama was asked recently what US foreign policy should be towards North Korea, he suggested: we should all be patient with and use diplomacy and not rush into any kind of military actions. You know what that means of course in diplomatic parlance? There is no oil over there. Thanks for the fish Mr Kim, so long and have a nice journey.

Dictators never ever die, they just run out of jokes to tell.

Darkness 2011

A secret conversation between the guilds somewhere in the temple of reason located in Primus Aldentes Prime.

Vollaraine: “His father was not a gamer, but the son is. He’s an addict.”

Singaporedaddy: “You don’t say. Mmmmh, we live in interesting time it seems.”

Vollaraine: “Can we send a wreath or something to break the ice?”

Singaporedaddy: “Why don’t we just send Darkness to knock on the door?”

Vollaraine: “Tell me something Singaporedaddy, is it possible to grow oil palm in North Korea?”

Singaporedaddy: “Anything is possible Councillor when you work for the circus.”

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