Reality Check!

December 27, 2011

Darkness: When myths are broken, it’s really the first step to consciousness – myths like what that dream job would be, only for it to be that other job. Myths about how that person is and dealing with really how he is. Myths should be shattered. Otherwise how would we all know reality Singaporedaddy?

Singaporedaddy: All the council is saying, get off Youtube. Do you realize 99 percent of our enemies in the virtual also happen to live in the real world?

Darkness: Those 99 percent also believe I am invincible…….

Singaporedaddy: which world would that be Darkie?

Darkness: That was what I meant to say, now you know why all myths must be shattered including the myth of Darkness. He was a fantasy. 

Singaporedaddy: You know what? You could well be right.

(Somewhere in the Callacan galaxy on board the Free French starcruiser, the KDD Marat)

“There are probably 140 million gamers. You know what, they all think Darkness in the game and in real life is one. That bothers me socially and mentally. It’s always bothered me, because I always been against the idea of cultism. So I have no doubt one day when the Darkness that is will have to be the Darkness that once measured to reality – if that happens, things wouldn’t be so tough on me. For starters I wouldn’t have to put up with, why are you so short Darkness whenever I see a gamer in the real world, all the time. That’s really where I see the game going Agnes in the next ten years. There will be a tussle between reality and fiction as we have never seen before in the history of man.”

Darkness 2001

Interview conducted by Agnes Proire in – recorded by the chronicler of the Book of Ages.  

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