Why do leaders fuck around?

January 27, 2012

Let us start with a very simple question: why do successful men fuck around? Well one reason may have to do with how men are “hard wired.” Men have evolutionary reasons to sleep around. A lot of women roll their eyes when they hear the Darwinian explanation. But from an evolutionary standpoint, it makes perfect sense. The primal drive to reproduce is strong (trust me, I have been in the jungle for a very long time and by now even the cows who come to graze are starting to look very attractive).

The other reason is men are genetically programmed to hunt (my theory accounts for why watches for women are smaller – since women suffer from myopia or tunnel vision, they are usually confined to caves to do sewing and taking care of the kiddies). Men are different, their field of vision is over the horizon – so they are always scanning the landscape for opportunities and threats. Another factor that is seldom discussed is the illicit thrill factor – fucking around is challenging as this is often seen to be the modern equivalent of bringing down a mammoth or dinosaur. Hunting also validates a man, as to do so successfully he needs strategy, social intelligence, interpersonal skills, persistence and plain luck (I find luck very important).

There’s also that “itch” that comes around when a man reaches a certain vintage where he is confronted with his own mortality and yearns to “live on the razor’s edge” again.

Whatever the reasons accounting for why powerful men like to sleep around – it’s a misconception to believe it all boils down to the adage, “boys will be boys.”

The question of “judgment” comes into sharp focus eventually whenever a leader fucks around – you could even argue, one reason why the public is so intolerant of leaders fucking around is because sexual judgment and policy judgment are not so easily segregable i.e if a leader can’t even conduct a simple strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat analysis before he decides to unzip his pants for a quickie, then how can he be expected to act wisely when it comes to deciding on policy issues? That in a nutshell is why most people expect leaders to exercise self control. As the ability to scale threats accurately is one a pre-requisite for leadership along the capacity to“tahan” reflects self discipline i.e mastery of the self.

Of course the ability to scale threats and opportunities along with the sagacity to “tahan,” by itself, is not a rational basis to justify putting someone in a position of power and responsibility –  but it sure commands lots of respect, as those who overindulge recklessly are usually considered as weak, untrustworthy and good for nothing.

Darkness 2012

“I think men who have affairs were mainly driven by their insecuriti­es – when they were young, they didn’t fuck around, so eventually the vagina can only acquire a mysterious allure like forbidden fruit –  a sort of great mysterious abyss of hidden consciousness like one of those mystical caves you heard hermits retreating into to find enlightenment – then there are those who fuck around because, it’s just a way of proving their manliness – now these people were probably kicked around when they were younger or passed over so many times by girls, so what they are doing now is rewriting history like very frustrated historians who wish to have their version of history read – then there is another type of fucker, he is the man who enjoys the illicit thrill of fucking around. That’s to say, he knows, it’s game over, if he’s caught – nonetheless, he accepts the risk and plays the game – I think, this is a very dangerous man in the foolish sense of the word. As he thinks, he is God. But the really dangerous man that beats them all is what I call the shadow fucker. This fellow is usually an exponent in the art of war – he approaches the whole idea of fucking like a professional assassin – he is cold and meticulous in covering his tracks, making doubly sure that there is no discernible shape or pattern to his dalliances – the entry is usually smooth and clean and the exit strategy impossible to fault like a well lubricated machine – everything is perfection unto itself like the handiwork of a well trained Mossad agent. No trails, no electronic signature, nothing except maybe a faint whiff of suspicion. And even if you should put this man in a room with a one way mirror is cool as a cucumber as he has replayed this scene time and again in his head, so he will probably give his interrogators high blood pressure – but this man is not really a fucker although I have felt it necessary to described him as the shadow fucker – he is simply a very wise man who never ever walks into a place without knowing how to come out smelling like roses. I think it is fair to assume all men have urges that require release; but they should first dedicate themselves to the study of how to perform a thing cleanly and professionally BEFORE living dangerously. This should be common sense, but it is unfortunate that it is still considered as Arcanum by so many. As not knowing this can only mean life will become very complicated for the members of the fuckers club, very complicated indeed. ” 

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