sunset conversations

January 28, 2012

If you happen to be narrow minded, a Christian fundamentalist or just a woman, please move on to the next excellent article and do not read this.

JDAM: “I am tired of arguing with all of you!”

Astroboy: “OK, JDAM since you are so smart at figuring out the intentions of women, let’s just ask Darkness for his opinion.”

Darkness: “Look here boys. Why are we even talking about this? We are in the middle of jungle. Why can’t we talk about power tools or how to make things that don’t blow up, blow up? If you people want to know how it all happened – it’s really very simple. Look what we have here is a 35 year old woman who allegedly slept with those two monkeys to secure contracts.”

JDAM: “See, even Darkness agrees with me, it’s the chicks fault!”

Darkness: “Not quite. There is no right or wrong here JDAM. Can you blame a cobra for hissing before a strike? A hawk from shrieking, once it has decided to go for the kill? It all boils down to human psychology. You see it is like this, once a woman goes over 30, that’s it – it’s really downhill from that point onwards. Every man and woman knows that, except maybe those two monkeys. It matters very little how beautiful she once was – all she really has at age 35 is a residual beauty of her previous self – so what we are dealing with here is a woman who knows that time is not on her side. She’s living on borrowed time – added to that, I suspect she doesn’t know the business process very well – so she’s insecure not only with her looks, but also her capabilities to perform her job. And combine this with the fact, this woman believes beauty is a wonder weapon, she’s accustomed to using beauty as a skeleton key to open doors that cannot be opened – strategically, this is how she sees the world through her Simple Simon brain. Nonetheless, crude as it may be, its an accurate depiction of life. Now put this woman in the same room as a man or for that matter any man who has the power to validate her miserable existence, what do you think will happen. They didn’t stand a chance in hell.”

Harphoon: “What do you mean Darkness – they didn’t stand a chance in hell? Coming to think of it, I actually feel sorry for those poor sods.”

Darkness: “Like I said, she is a woman with a mission. Have you all asked yourself, how did the news leak out? Either way, it’s mission accomplished. Beware of women who have a mission. They’re worse than the Mounties, dead or alive, they will get their man.”

Scholarboy: “Now we know why you only stick to dogs Darkness.”



Somewhere in the Suriman Trail – The Brotherhood Press 2012


The Oracle: “From today onwards your name will be Darkness.”

Extracted from the Book of Ages under the Chapter: The Man Called Darkness – Page 2,839 – The Brotherhood Press 2012

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