Why WP and Area 51 have a hell of alot in common

February 8, 2012

As many of you may already know the WP has FINALLY responded to the YSL saga. What is this all supposed to mean? To be perfectly honest with all of you, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA. All I really know is the WP and that other ultra secretive air force base where aliens were supposed to have once landed have a lot in common.

So without further delay –what is does the WP and Area 51 have in common?

(1)    Both operate on a strictly need to know basis.Hence they never comment on “rumors” even if closer to statements of fact.

(2)    Both cannot confirm or deny the obvious and palpable.

(3)    Both are equally adept at explaining the unexplainable phenomenon that regularly confound the X files division of the FBI and have been responsible for the retrenchment of agent Scully and Mulder who are now working side by side in Taco Bell.

(4)    Both can say YES and still come across as saying NO and vice versa.

(5)    Both regularly apologize for their cloak and dagger way of business and still continue to be highly secretive and non-transparent.

(6)    Both can claim someone has been demoted and still be levitated at the same time with the assistance of anti-gravity alien technology.

(7)    Both exist to make used car salesmen respectable and trustworthy.

(8)    Both regularly use long sentences and paragraphs to say everything and yet nothing along with assassinating the English language.

(9)    Both can deny fact as rumor and even claim the right to issue a “no comment” statement and still insist that they are responding intelligently to public queries.

(10)Both insist that unexplained phenomenon such as alien abduction and strange impregnation events do not in any way affect the performance of their employees.

(11)Both can make things appear and disappear at a flick of a switch.

(12)Both regularly disappear into underground bunkers when the spot light is turned on them.

(13)Both are hazardous to goats and possibly confused females.

(14)Both institutions exist to make really useless and overpaid people such as the PAP look really great and efficient and value for money.

(15)Both expect you to be either the reincarnation of Nostradamus or be able to use ESP to read their designs.

(16)Both can take the word contradiction to renewed heights and still be able to come across as so level headed (maybe I should use a WP member as a side table to put my tiger beer and peanuts on when I next watch a football game on telly)

(17)Both can commit infractions without having to account to taxpayers as they believe what they are doing is good for people and planet.

(18)Both Area 51 and WP MP’s regularly patronize Hotel 81. The former because it rhymes with Area 51 and the latter for reasons that have been responsible for the sacking of agent Mulder and Scully. No comment! Please use your ouija board to seek clarification on the issue.

(19)Both regularly claim they are targeted and attacked by imaginary and mavelovent forces that only exist in the figment of their imagination.

(20)Both make Ris Low look like Mother Teresa, Marie Currie and Eleanor Rossevelt all rolled up into one.

(21)Both are a Byzantine waste of taxpayers monies.

And last but not least, both can NEVER be trusted!

Finally what do I think about the latest move by WP in regards to YSL? Like I said, I have absolutely no idea and to be frank with you no longer care – but one thing is clear, PAP is now starting to look like a very attractive proposition – to paraphrase succinctly, WP you fucked it up!

Darkness 2012


Darkness before he was called Darkness: “Master, should I say something or keep quiet?”

Vollariane: “My young apprentice silence is only of value, if people expect you to say something. But you have foolishly dragged the matter for so long and it appears they no longer care what you have to say – your fate is sealed apprenticed. I cannot help you now. No one can help you. From this day onwards, you will be known as Darkness! The Brotherhood has branded you. You will wear this badge of shame for the rest of time.”

Extracted from the Book of Ages under the Chapter “The Chastening,” Page:602 – The Brotherhood Press 2012

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