Secrets in their eyes – movie review

February 18, 2012

Don’t usually watch movies, but I made a rare exception this time. As Aiboh and her friends visited my plantation recently and one of the things they insisted on bringing along was a nifty collection of DVD’s complete with a portable player .

To cut a long story short I watched it with my usual blend of sardonic “here comes another boutique arty farty movie” – well I was wrong! Dead wrong! The plot starts off at roughly the pace of a motorized wheelchair. But that’s deceptive. And before you can tear away, one is plunged into a deeply multi-layered and disturbing series of themes, which includes some pretty heavy questions like: what is life? Can we live a life under our own terms? What’s the cost of doing so?

In summary, ‘The Secrets in Their Eyes’ is a movie that allows the audience to reflect deeply on the whole idea of the randomness of existence. Along with maybe revivifying the idea: to make great movies these days – one doesn’t need to rely on heart tugging scores or loads of CGI. This is a movie succeeds on the basis of the power of old fashioned story telling.

I don’t want to give away the plot. So I’ve stop here – after watching this movie. I found myself asking one question: why don’t we usually get to watch these great movies? Why don’t cinemas even screen them? One reason has to do with the power and politics of the movie industry – one of the greatest travesties of the movie business is only the big production houses who usually feature millionaire actors such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney et al make it to the mainstream, as only they have the established platform, dosh, influence and distribution channels to influence what we all eventually see.

That’s sad as what that means is great movies produced by independent art houses never ever get the publicity they deserve. But thanks to Aiboh and her friends, this one made it through.

Darkness 2012


“It is really only a matter of time before bloggers one will be able to produce their own movies at roughly the cost of buying a bicycle – with improvements in technology and software, this is really where I see blogging going in the next five to ten years. Already, we have successfully developed so many tools to further the idea of scientific farming, GPS technology is one – with this capability, you can snap a photo of a tree and it will automatically input the location that can be forwarded to some office thousands of miles away for experts to better plan calendar manuring, disease prevention and yield improvements. In the mapping side, we are experimenting with LAURA – low attitude unmanned remote aircraft. This is basically a RC toy fitted with some really nifty tech kit, like programable flight control along with auto return capabilities. But the thing that makes LAURA such a great tool is that it can stay up for nearly 48 hours without having to refuel. This eye in the sky can be used to assist us in terra forming and identifying areas that may need more attention which we could never ever do even with a fixed aircraft or helicopter as it comes complete with a very impressive list of electronic eyes, ranging from infared to spectral imaging. The best thing is all these innovations have been developed not by corporations, but by gamers who have worked tirelessly in very small teams throughout the world – my friends, it is a matter of strategic priority for us to find ever more inventive ways to transfer whatever we have learnt in our previous vocation to help the world feed itself – we will reach there my friends and this is really where the ASDF can play a meaningful role alongside our channel partners.”

(Conversation extracted from Senate House [Headquarters of the ASDF] in Primus Aldentes Prime – The Brotherhood Press 2012) 

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