How did Greece hide its debts with the help of fat cat banks

February 21, 2012


This is what I call top drawer investigative journalism, instead of what we usually get from our beloved daily rag (that is only good for wrapping fish with). Those fucks in ST should really get over the YSL saga and stop stalking him and his poor family day and night. As for Sumiko Tan, I hope JAWS gets her when she next dips her boney arse into the sea. Trust me Aunty Sumiko, you are so pangang toasted!

Besides we all know YSL is probably somewhere in North Korea undergoing xtreme make over along with plastic surgery and will be reincarnated as Chen Show Mao. Pleeeeeeeeeeease lah! Do not ask me to comment on rumors, you know I never do that. But if you want to buy an Ouji board or consult a reincarnation of Nostradamus that can be easilky arranged. But I digress.

Coming back to Greece. As some of you know, I recommended a strong buy on National Bank of Greece at USD$3.50 about a year and a bit ago – now if you people averaged all the way on the downside (as I strongly recommended), you would probably be looking at a return of investment of 88%!

The $64 million question (sounds like petrol money these days) is do you ride NBG? Or sell? That’s really your choice. As for me, I am holding on for the long term – I mean 10 to 15 years, unless of course Mount Olympus explodes or a meteorite is headed for down town Athens. I happen to believe, NBG is so totalled that it really cannot be any worse than what it has already gone through. My policy is simple, buy when everyone sells and sell when everyone buys! I

However for those serious investors (I know many of you read my blog just to see how low, I’ve gone in life hahahahaha to you all! You people even stopped sending me whisky! Where was my quart of double malt last year! Where is it!) who are interested to hold for the long term do check out the link as I am sure you will all find it very interesting along with lending plenty of credence to why I keep saying, NEVER trust anyone these days, trust only the FACTS.

Darkness 2012


“Look there is no strategy to investing in equities. Anyone who tells you they have a golden equation is either a con man or someone who has lost so much money in the stock market, they need to hold public seminars to recoup their losses. The only reliable way I know how to make money out of the casino of the world which I call the stock market is to buy when everyone is selling their dog, mother-in-laws dentures along with everything they own. If you see alot of people sleeping in their cars and cooking in parks, that just means – buy!buy! and buy till it hurts! And when they get back into the market and the press and politicians tell you the happy days are back and it’s safe to get into equities along with the claptrap: we living in a golden age, then you know it is the beginning of some new age of urination technique and that’s really your cue to sell! Sell! and Sell! Life is very simple. I keep telling people this, but you know what, no one seems to believe me except you guys.”

Excerpt of a thread in Phi Beta Kappa

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