My Reading List this week

February 26, 2012

One of the most frequently asked questions that usually finds it’s way into my inbox (and invariably ends up rotting) has to be: what do you usually read? Can you please share with us all your blog surfing history?

So here goes.

1 If you talk regularly to God, that’s called praying. But if God talks to you. You’re most probably a crackpot. And every year there are plenty of cracko’s that make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Click on the link and find out why.

la-ca-william-gibson-20120212,0,7119369.story William Gibson is an academic who I happen to hold in very high regard. Not only has Gibson been relentless in making sure he and his team remain in the leading edge of internet developments – but in the years, many of their predictions about the internet has even developed a cult following amongst Brotherhood Press readers, especially those who belong to the Phi Beta Kappa chapters. Find out more abt his latest book.

poker-lessons-from-richelieu?page=show I found myself re-reading this excellent write up again and again. And everytime I did so. I discovered a new level of nuanced that escaped me in the last reading. This is really one of the most fascinating write up’s about one of the most colorful characters who set the cadence of power & politics in 16th century Europe. Cardinal Richelieu has always been depicted as the manipulative schemer set against the backdrop of the three musketeers – this well research essay puts a new spin to the characterization of Richelieu. Fascinating read and if you read nothing else here. Do try this.

 dickey-text Burka’s and Bikini’s, do they go together? This write up is by Nat Geo. Generally I don’t think much about their editorial range. But in this essay, they seemed to have written it without their signature, “where I am thin, I hope the pics make up for the lack.” This essay explores the social and political complexities of having to integrate new migrants and locals in a small French village – it is very pertinent to what is currently happening in Singapore. And when I read it, I found many of the themes mirrored many of the concerns and anxieties faced by Singaporeans.

12149 Robert Frank is a serious author who writes very serious books that only very serious people would usually buy. That could be one reason why I prefer to read his books for free in netland – now if you really want to know why technocrats and politicians say and do the things they do – this insightful book review really gives away too much and in my view, its just as good as reading the book. I read many book reviews mainly from the New York Book review, but this has to rate as one of the best ever for its precision and candor.

carlos_fraenkel_brazil_teaching_philosophy.php This is an article that everyone from the lowest and highest should read in MOE. When they do so, I suspect that they will probably come away with the lingering feeling that what we usually offer our students in our schools is really something just slightly higher than very little to better prepare the new generation for a brave new world – it’s really a je refuse write up about the value of philosophy and how it can be demystified to allow many who otherwise view the liberal arts as a arty and farty indolent past time – great for a lazy Sunday afternoon.


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