Does eating a big breakfast make you fatter?

March 6, 2012

A new study confirms the notion of a big breakfast as a weight loss tool may be, well, propaganda for people who are interested in losing weight. As the BBC reports, the research, which was published in Nutrition Journal, found that people who ate a big breakfast actually consumed more daily calories overall compared with people who ate less or skipped eating in the morning, rather than shifting the bulk of their caloric intake earlier in the day. (More on 5 Weight Loss Apps That Work)

To be perfectly honest with you all – I can’t understand how that conclusion is even possible as it fails to take into account how much calories has been burnt. All I know is I have always been a big breakfast sort of guy since a baby. It’s not unusual for me to polish off 3 bowls of rice in the morning BEFORE the sunrises. I like to wake up really early about fiveish – and I’ve never ever been fat in my whole life.

But that’s my opinion. Back to the point again. Recently University of Munich researchers followed 380 people — 280 who were obese, and 100 who were of normal weight — who kept a food diary for two weeks. Some ate large breakfasts, some ate small ones; some skipped the meal altogether. The BBC reports:

People who had a big breakfast, on average 400 calories larger than a small one, consumed around 400 more calories in a day.

Dr Volker Schusdziarra, lead researcher, said: “The results of the study showed that people ate the same at lunch and dinner, regardless of what they had for breakfast.”

Although prior research has associated weight loss with higher caloric intake at breakfast, that link seems to hold up only if the total number of calories consumed remains constant. In other words, you’re more likely to drop pounds if you have your biggest meal in the morning (i.e., you reduce the size of your subsequent meals accordingly) than if you simply add a big morning meal to your regular diet. (More on Big Breakfasts Are Out. 5 Better-For-You Morning Meals)

But diet research is notorious for conflicting findings, and it remains true that people who eat breakfast tend to have healthier diets overall and are less likely to be overweight than people who skip the morning meal. What could explain the difference?

Could be that people who are healthier and thinner to start are more likely to follow advice about diet, which has been to have breakfast? It’s hard to say for sure. As diet studies have flip flopped for years. The best way to really know what may or may not work for you is to experiment with your body.


“It is not important whether your wife is beautiful or cultured. As in an agricultural setting, beauty is relative and can often be negotiated under the terms of practicality – a woman with exceptional big foot is considered very beautiful as her form accords perfectly with the Tao of the land. She is like a landrover, she can go where no woman can go and she will be a great asset to you. As for culture, the only culture I know in the countryside is bacteria – so it matters very little whether she is well versed in the customs of high society. Those considerations are irrelevant – they are not important attributes. The most desirable attribute a woman can have is her ability and desire to cook for you and your children- when your stomach is full, the world is a very beautiful place and even if she doesn’t turn heads, you should treat her well as she is the mother of your wellbeing and you are really her child, in this way both of you can turn the wheel of life and the spirits of the land will smile benevolently on both of you. But if a woman cannot cook, then no matter how well educated or beautiful she is – there will always be disharmony in the household, as the stomach can be very demanding along with other body parts – she is no good, she is no use and useless things have no purpose or design in the constellation of the way of the farmer. The wise farmer would do well to train his eye to perceive value in real things and not in frivolous pursuits. Study and research this well, as it applies to prospective brides and will probably be the most important chapter in this book. Those posted to the African continental shelve are exempted from this advice.”

Extracted from the Way of the Farmer – Page 51 / Selecting a Partner – this has been proudly brought to you by the newly commissioned Super Class III data storage deep space vessel KDD Parameswara – The Brotherhood Press 2012

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