Balance of Power

March 31, 2012

No one is just going to give you anything for free in life – you can pray 24 hours a day, trust me, nothing is ever going to happen – you can even leave it all to him, again fuck all is going to happen. The ONLY way to reliably way to get what you want is to develop the capability to damage your opponent or inflict such a heavy blow to his broadside that it will take out either his kidney or leave him limping.

Once you have developed this capability – then and ONLY then do you negotiate. This is life and anyone who doesn’t know this, just hasn’t lived at all, not even so much as one day.

Research and study this well, this applies to disciplining subordinates and those who are directly under your charge. This can also be used to blackmail your bosses for promotion or to take over his job. Can also be used to deal with power crazy politicians who believe the can fool the whole wide world. Is very effective in dealing with poachers and people who come into your land in the middle of the night carrying axes and machetes.

Darkness 2012 – The way of the farmer.

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