Recently eight ball Tharman made another shockalingam statement: “Average Singaporean will not feel the effects of a sharp inflation.” How true is eight ball’s claim? Well first of all let us all not forget  this comes from the same millionaire comedian who once declared to a stunted nation that it is possible for a Singaporean to buy a HDB if he earns a monthy salary of only S$1,000! What eight ball left out of course was how that dearly unfortunate homeowner would probably have to be a practioner of transcendal meditation and lower his heart beat to zero to enable him to survive on ONLY air, water and sunflower seeds just to service the monthly repayments for the HDB flat. Eight ball also happens to be the same man who not too long ago made a bloody fool of himself by slagging off Taiwan as an economic basket case to lend credence to the PAP’s unimaginative policy of fueling economic growth by flinging open the flood gates to cheap and nasty foreign labor – what eight ball failed to mention was Taiwan’s economic growth regularly puts to shame what Singapore can only dream to accomplish. And now Tharman has finally completed a hat trick.

This time eight ball has arbitarily drawn the kooky conclusion everyone who drives a car in Singapore should not be considered an “average” person. To paraphrase ALL car owners in Singapore deserved to be taxed like shit. What eight ball may not have factored into definition of “average Singaporean” is that not everyone who drives a car is necessarily well off or even desires to keep up with the Joneses. In many cases car ownership in Singapore is a necessity especially for those who have disabled, aged and mentally challenged family members who frequently require medical treatment and intervention. I am not saying this category of car owners cannot make do with public transport. But no one can possibly deny, the freedom of owning a car will certainly alleviate much of the anxiety and stress associated with ferrying these family members around Singapore. What eight ball fails consistently to understand (or maybe he knows but choses to elide the finer points of the argument) is it usually this segment of our society who need a car bring their loved one’s to special needs schools and for regular hospital appointments. When the cost of car ownership goes right through the roof in Singapore, it is this segment of the populace that feels the most pain. Few Singaporeans will disagree that we should do more for these parents who so often regard their cars as lifesavers – it is just the PAP, who continue to remain blind to the pressing needs of these less fortunate segment of our society. So tell me eight ball aren’t these Singaporeans average in every sense of the word? That’s for you the perceptive reader decide. I only give you the facts.

Besides we all know car ownership is de riguer for certain types of professions in Singapore – such as salesmen (who incidentally draw only a minimal basic salary and rely predominantly on commission), who frequently have to lug tons of samples, brochures and products to make their rounds to see their customers. Once again aren’t these car owners cum bread winners “average” Singaporeans eight ball? Again you decide whether he is right or I am just out to find fault with eight ball.

What I find really unbelievable about eight ball’s claim is how he consistently fails to recognize how the escallating cost of car ownership can only sharpen the impact of inflation for even those who may not see the necessity of owning a car in Singapore. Since most goods and services don’t get teleported as much as driven from A to B throughout the entire length and breadth of Singapore – how is it even possible to draw the simplistic conclusion that the run away price of COE’s will not indirectly translate into price hikes that may even affect Singaporeans who regularly walk, cycle or take public transport. After all, if a pharmaceutical salesman has to dole out more for his four wheeled horse, who the fuck do you think these price hikes are going to be passed on too? And if let’s say rental for commercial and housing space sky rockets who do you really think will ultimately bear the brunt of these increments?

Yeap you guessed it, the average Singaporean. Then again who exactly is the average Singaporean according to eight ball? As usual no one knows except probably eight ball himself.

Read this as well, aptly entitled: driven to despair, literally.

As always, I give you ONLY the facts. You decide for yourself whether he is right or me.

Darkness 2012


“Understand this! Government is making a lot of money from cars these days. It is conceivable they may even be terminally addicted to this stream of revenue. As historically, they have as much imagination as a door knob. So if something works, they will milk it to the max. That is what stupid people regularly do. They don’t think about the long term implications or even feel the need to differentiate between categories of users. This is the Tao of the stupid and to my knowledge, there is no known cure for this condition. So it is very unlikely the price of certificate of entitlements will even go down for the foreseeable near term. Infact, the Singapore government makes more money off cars than any other country in the whole wide world. In other countries car ownership is considered a means to an end. In Singapore after eight ball’s declaration all car owners are now millionaires by default. They are now not even “average” people any longer. If you disagree with what I say, I will give you a right to respond and even publish it in SLF 1 & 16. ONLY bear in mind I have EVERY right to defend what I say forcefully and to do this, I will not hesitate to roll out the ASDF and that is really enough to put them and their case into the garbage heap. So please don’t say that I am being personal or malicious. After all I have given you a gold plated opportunity to defend yourself like a gentlemen. Only understand this, you left your back door wide open, so what do you really expect from me but brickbats? To cut a very long story short. I just don’t have any patience for lazy people who can’t even bother to take their job seriously or for that matter do justice to tax payers. In short it is immoral to lump all car owners into one understandable mass of people. No one does this. If that were really the case, then everyone in Singapore would be cruising along in a Rolls Royce. But we all know that is not the case, as there are plenty of Hyundai’s, Chery’s and even Protons running around in Singapore to draw the common sense conclusion these users are indeed very average – And this should not come as a great surprise to either you or me, as in the real world it is not uncommon for very average people to rely on average cars just to turn the wheel of life along with putting average bread on the table for their average families. If you don’t believe me next time when you are cruising along the ECP just set your smart phone aside and look around and ask yourself, how many people do you see driving by who are so far removed from the term, “average Singaporean?” Why don’t you conduct this analysis yourself. Instead of defending him. And please come back to me on this. Or I will simply have to come after you wearing the tightest trousers I can find. You don’t even need to hire Boston Consulting Group or Mckinsley to get that sort of executive summary. Better still go to any autistic school when it’s time to go home and just see for yourself how many Rolls Royce’s are pulling up into the drive way. You will not even find one. Instead you will find plenty of average cars driven by average Singaporeans who have extraordinary pressing and urgent needs which in my view should NEVER be considered beyond the term average necessaries – that really is my point. So what the fuck is eight ball talking about by splitting hairs about the term “average Singaporean and whole idea of car ownership in Singapore?” I don’t fucking understand. If someone can make me understand, I will promise to hammer my keyboard into a flower pot and give up blogging completely! Really I don’t understand, not even a bit of this inversion of logic  – is he by any chance trying to embellish the dictionary meaning of the term average? Is that what you are telling me? In my book, no one, not even the Aga Khan or for that matter a politician has any right to color the dictionary meaning of what it means to be “average.” As when we allow them to do this, then by some magical stroke, you will find that suddenly no one is average any longer in Singapore. And when that day comes. You will very likely end up with a vampire state.  Again you have to decide whether eight ball’s definition of average is really average. To paraphrase, you have to decide whether he is right or me. But bear in mind one thing, if you bring pain to my brain. I will come down like a ton of bricks on you. Do try to have a nice day.”

Captured very recently from a thread in Ekunaba and broadcasted throughout the Strangelands and beyond by the newly commissioned signal broadcasted JUMO class deep space vessel – KDD Californian – The Brotherhood Press 2012



It is never easy to cultivate a balanced point of view in life. As even when we dedicate ourselves to this chapter of learning so much of our perceptions, responses and reactions are shaped by our biasness and preferences. If we do not like a thing, person or event, then it is very difficult to hold on to a balanced point of view.

From time to time, it usually pays out dividends to press the pause button somewhere in our heads and ask ourselves: why can’t I seem to give that person, institution or group of individuals the benefit of the doubt? It is ONLY when we take the trouble to audit our thoughts and trace their origins to their source that we can begin to see how many of our prejudices and biasness are usually shaped by years of neglect in failing to see the wisdom of cultivating a balance point of view when it comes to gainfully making sense of our objects of interest.

And when we live in a state of mind that is the direct of opposite of BALANCED. Then all we can really do is respond very much like one of those low life forms to stimuli instead of reason. Like the Mimosa weed when it leaves are touched it immediately closes – in the same way, when the mind can no longer hold on to a BALANCED way to make sense of the world. Then all we can really do is succumb to whatever is already floating in our minds.

Darkness 2012


“When you come across an obnoxious man who is trying to pick a fight with you in the checkout counter in NTUC, give way to him. When you come across someone who is trying to fix you in your own church. Do not stop him even if you are walking into an ambush. When you see groups of people in your office trying to plot your downfall. Let them take their best shot. When you come across someone in a dark alley who says to you money or your life – NEVER succumb to fear. As these people all have one thing in common: something is eating them from the inside out. Just imagine a slimy animal with teeth and fangs gnawing deep inside them. It is really like this when a man has not bothered himself with cultivating a balanced way to make sense of the affairs of the world. He can only suffer as his thoughts is really in a fog. And anger and frustration are really only the things that can account for why they behave the way they do.

But since you have already mastered the art of keeping your balance in the face of adversity – it is very easy to see the evil designs of even the fucked up deacon who is trying to fix you in your own church to the desperate man who is pointing a knife and threatening you – and how can their weapons or designs prosper when they all lack the quality of surprise?

Since you are calm and free from any attachments. You are able to process information efficiently without succumbing to anger and prejudices – that is really another way of saying you see the world, as it is and not what others want you to see. So with this man who is trying to pick a fight with you in NTUC. Since you understand the nature of his frustration and why he is behaving the way he is. All you can really do is pity him. And with this realization, it is really quite impossible  for such a man to stir up anger or frustration in you. It is really quite impossible.  And when you radiate an assertive form of calmness that can only come from regularly keeping your mind balanced. This man can only feel ashamed of his acts, deeds and thoughts. And with time, he will grown sullen like a child. The same goes for the man who is pointing a knife at you and demanding your wallet. Since you are mindful of everything that is happening in and around you – you have already gone through your mind a couple of times how best to subdue this man without killing him. You have probably also managed to figure out, three of four possible scenarios how he might go about the business of using this weapon of terror. So again there is no surprise. And we all know in the art of war, without surprise, there can be no decisive victory – it doesn’t exist. It is only when your mind is perfectly balanced and free from emotional attachments that you can see this man for what he is and not what he wants you to see him as – and when you can see deep into his intentions so very clearly and even roughly understand how they came about, again you can only be filled with pity for this fellow. And this can only fill your heart with UNDERSTANDING. And it is only through perfect UNDERSTANDING that you stop yourself from entering the same fog of anger as this man. As since you UNDERSTAND a thing for what it is –  you know very well, if it really gets nasty you can probably snuff out his life like blowing out a candle – you can even see how the fight is going to unfold even BEFORE it begins, where then is the incentive to fight or even get angry?

After all – all it takes is a twist of the wrist and the follow through with the blade to find that place just slightly above the third rib. And it is finished. Like snapping the head off a chicken. So tell me where is the sport there? Where is the mystery?

Now you understand why it is ONLY those who do not know these things along with the fine art of keeping their balance who usually feel the need to fight, fight and fight. While for you. You have already arrived, so you are already in a perfect state of rest.

How is possible to defeat a man who is a state of rest? It is not possible to defeat him. As no weapon formed against him can possibly prosper. This is the highest level of warcraft.”

Extracted from the Way of the Farmer – This has been very proudly brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012

How an outfit responds to a crisis says a hellavu lot about it. Trust me when I tell you, this is very true in almost EVERY crisis. Some things are self explanatory and do not require too much elaboration.

Darkness 2012



A wise man never ever screws the wrong hole. As experience informs him screwing the wrong hole can often be a sad, expensive and embarrassing enterprise where he will either end up visiting the police shop or the skin doctor very often. This is the reason why if you tell a wise man that his roof his leaking. You will rarely find him diffusing his energy by doing stupid things like hiring witch doctors to shoo away the rain or worst still building another roof over the defective roof. The solution is usually very simple and effective – the wayward hole in the roof is plugged. No more leaks. Life is bliss. The end.

This is what the wise do: they approach a problem by nipping it at the bud.

In the same way, if our government finds it so difficult to be loved and respected in the internet. Then what should they do? Should they take the cue from the foolish man by trying to build another roof over the defective roof by rolling out an internet code of conduct? What would this really accomplish? When the root cause of the dissatisfaction continues to fester and remain unresolved?

Perhaps the men who make up the government should all go to one dark cave and bring along a big box full of ABC stout and brain storm why is it they are so unlovable and encounter so many difficulties in commanding the respect of others in the internet these days? Could it be as Sitting Bull once said, “Those who speak with forked tongue will put fire into the hearts of those hear their words.” Or maybe the government itself is so confused that it cannot even account coherently for why it continues to do the things they do? Maybe that is why no one in blogoland seems to be very supportive of the government these days. If that is really the case then how the hell would rolling out an internet code of conduct make things right? It cannot. The sooner the PAP wake up from their slumber that all is not well in Singapore, the better it will be for them and everyone else. Rather than chasing pipe in the sky initiatives that really do fuck all in adding any real value to bringing people and government closer together – as it is, I have no illusions, with or without this internet code of conduct, the gulf that separates citizens from state is likely to widen further. As for the disatisfaction in the internet, it is likely to continue to fester and even get from bad to worse.

What did you really expect? A happy ending? No way, that’s only possible if they know the art of screwing the right hole!

Darkness 2012


“Anyone who has lived, worked and played in Africa will testify that tribal medicine is very effective. If you have a toothache. The witch doctor will take a big mallet and whack your toe. The tooth ache will disappear in a flash and the pain in your big toe will now preoccupy the rest of your days. But this prescription can NEVER have a lasting effect. As it is not a cure as much as a very clever way to distract the mind from pain. In the same way, this code of conduct will absolutely solve nothing. It is at best a mumbo jumbo amulet like rabbit’s foot. As it does not cure the root cause of why no one these days seems to hold the government in very high regard or esteem.  That is why if you have a toothache, go and see a dentist – this is what it means to screw the right hole. Two components are required here. Firstly scaling the nature of the problem accurately. And secondly administering the prescriptive cure that has a proven record to kill the problem in the way you would pull out weeds by the roots. This would seem to be common sense to most people. But it seems to be lost to the Singaporean government, who seem for some inexplicable reason to be fixated with the idea of rolling out a code of conduct for the internet. This I can understand. As they see the internet as a feral domain where all sorts of malevolent forces hide out. They (the government) probably believe this is why the internet seems to have an anti establishment bent and regularly writes the things they write. Some of them probably believe that most bloggers are delusional people who are so frustrated with life, that they have to go online to live out their fantasies. But let us go through the problem logically – WHY do so many people write the things they do in the internet? Why have the voices grown louder and fiercer? Can they ALL be delusional? Or could it be many of these people have simply lost faith in the idea of government as a reliable purveyor of the good life along with its sidekick our beloved daily rag, the 140th something that’s just holding its place after the Timbuktu Daily Post – since it can do nothing except parrot the government like an obedient lap dog, who the hell in their right frame of mind is going to consider it as a reliable purveyor of the truth? In fact judging from the way our daily rag has been hounding many of those 44 guys who screwed the wrong hole – they are the ones who seem to need a code of conduct more than netizens. You will not find a single blog who is not sympathetic to the plight of these 44 men who many have considered to be a travesty of justice – so why is the MSM hounding these men and trying their best to name and shame them as if we don’t even have a legal system to take care of such infractions? As for the government, they must also bear half the blame for their shitty image in the virtual – after all, they opened the flood gates to cheap and nasty foreign labor. This they must have realized is bound to have a chelating effect on wages gradually hollowing them out, as Gintai has highlighted so well – again who is to blame? To exacerbate matters they tell us time and again privatization is the next best thing since battery operated toys that brings untold joys to lonely spinsters – they say since it can recruit the profit motive, end users will be the beneficiaries of this new arrangement. But look what happens, now we all know the trains are suffering from some kind of chronic degenerative disease like arthritis. So in what way has privatization brought about any discernable advantage to the tax payer? Again you have to all ask yourself whether these are problems that people don’t have a right to voice in the internet – and it is this question that we have to put beside the larger issue of whether it is even wise to role out an internet code of conduct. As the real problem is not going to be solved by people talking to each other in a congenial manner as if they are in some country club sipping ice tea. But a big chunk of the problem lies with government – they have really been complacent about the whole idea of engaging netizens meaningfully – and till today, they haven’t really got their act together. As they have been broadcasting so many conflicting messages through the years about the internet, that even I am thoroughly confused – and while all this is happening, the cost of living continues to go up day by day, where homes, cars and the little pleasures that makes an unbearable life bearable keep going up and up, till most people are so far away from the Singaporean dream – all they can really wonder is what the fuck is happening here! So tell me, if the government is really sincere about the whole business of soliciting love and affection from citizens and residents – why aren’t they addressing themselves to so many of these problems in their own backyard? Which they themselves have created? Why even try to fashion the internet as a scape goat for many of the governments problems in this digital age?

Does it make any sense? I give you the facts, you decide for yourself.”

This popular series – The Way of the Farmer has been proudly brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012

This is Oodh. More than that my lips are sealed. It’s found very deep in the jungle (usually so deep that it’s right off the bloody map where dying can be as easy as turning in your sleep). It’s not unusual for me to come across strange things as a farmer, but this is one industry that I’ve always been terribly interested in – as I have come across these strange species of wood deep in the jungle. But it is one thing to have the wood and another to sell it commercially. As the perfume wood industry resembles an underworld where traders never ever seem to interested to trade, open their doors or even take calls from strangers – you could say, its the very nature of the agarwood industry, its closed and shut tight and padlocked and only accessible to third or fourth generation perfume wood traders, that makes it exciting, very exciting indeed to explore further. If this goes well. I may decide to set aside a few acres in my palm oil plantation and grow Agarwood commercially.

Let’s see how it goes.

Darkness 2012


“Gentlemen, what is the essence of the way of the farmer? When you boil it all down it is none other than to protect, the very young, old and stupid, to create this thing call the sustainable wheel of life. There are two things I can do here. First I can fold my arms and watch as traders continue to come in and trade with the tribesmen while they slowly take on to hard liquor and the poison of our modern world – in one generation, their way of life will be finished. Alternatively, I can take over one part of this industry and manage the whole process of change by controlling the supply side somewhere in the depths of the jungles – and build schools with the money and use it in such a way whereby the tribesmen can also keep their way of life intact. But I have no illusions what it takes, if I am going to commit myself to this second route. I have to control it like a gangster. Do you all see how is it even when I have decided to turn away from the world and to seclude myself in my plantation and only busy myself with the mundane business of growing my crops. The world still knocks on my door! So what manner of choice do I really have – except to go into this new line of business. And what of the ghost of the man that we all know as the Singaporean gangster in London? He has to come back again. I have to let him out like Mr Hyde. As you can all see for yourself – a man does not always get to choose the type of business he eventually finds himself in – sometimes, the business chooses him. I really don’t have a choice….that is why the guilds need to help me to make contact with these secretive Oodh traders. I am sure in the vast network of our gaming universe, someone knows a father, brother, cousin, relative or family friend who trades in perfume wood. Send out a SOS, tell them all I need a passport – a gold plated passport that comes with goodwill and the permission to step through any door. Once I get through the door, I will take it from there and make up the rest up along the way. But first, I need to get through the door!”

The deeper and longer we look inwards into the root causes of many problems in our lives, the more convinced we are all that the one thing wanting, which we must all strive to acquire before all others, is a sense of balance in our lives. Without balance it is impossible for one to attain harmony of thought and word and deed. And without harmony, there is no way for one to remain in a balanced state of mind like a lotus in a calm and mirrored lake before many of the emerging challenges brought forth by having to perpetually juggle work, family and 101 other things. Do not be too hard on yourself or others, lest you be broken or worse still them; do not be too soft either, lest you be squashed, be at just the right tension – personally, I like to use to Tao of the Guitar to keep my mind balanced: String it too hard and it will snap, too loose and it will not play, it just needs to be perfectly right, not too soft or hard. Once you are balanced, only then is it possible to know when to start a thing and how much of your being you should put into it along with how much you should hold back (remember never give completely). It is only when we are in a highly balanced state of mind that we will always know why everything must always have a beginning, middle and end along with the wisdom to know where we stand alongside the past, present and future.

Darkness 2012

Extracted from the Way of the Farmer – This highly popular series has been very proudly brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012


Apprentice: I am no longer interested in winning or losing. I do not know what has happened master, it is as if both victory and defeat has merged, fused themselves even in a single thought where they are suddenly meaningless – what does this mean?

Master: You have arrived. There is nothing more that I can teach you.

Whether we are bus drivers, electricians, policemen, administrators, lawyers, doctors, engineers, dentists or dog catchers. Everyone basically aspires towards the same set of goals. Granted there may be minor differences somewhere along the way, but trust me, the same set pieces are all there – that is to live a happy and rewarding life.

Happiness is a function of how much control we are able to exert over our lives – when we find houses, cars and basic necessaries going up and up, then we can all only feel a sense of foreboding that comes when events seem to control us. Instead of us controlling them – we pull on our levers of power. But nothing happens! This is sharpened by certain unsettling realities, for many (except Ministars) salaries have remained the same and do not seem to be able to keep up with the helium sky high cost of living in Singapore.

To be able to live a rewarding life – we must all be able to believe in the idea: if a man works hard, then he will be able to turn the wheel of life. But with salaries for the low income stagnating and in certain cases regressing – it is very difficult for most to be optimistic about the whole idea of living a rewarding life. Coupled to this fact, while the poor are getting poorer, the rich seem to be having a gala time. Everytime, we turn on the TV or just walk around in Singapore, we are bombarded by images of what we have to buy IF we are to live a driven life. For many there is a cruel twist to this whole affair of living in Singapore when your money seems to be getting smaller and smaller by the day – as while they are able to see what the rich may wear, drive around in and dine on – they can never ever share in this dream of living a rewarding life. So they can only feel frustrated and demoralised by the whole idea of globalization as it doesn’t seem to offer them a gainful way to lead a rewarding life.

But to truly live a happy and rewarding life – we must be able to say, NO! To many of the things the world demands of and from us. We must all be able to live our own lives and take control of it in such a way, whereby it is US and not OTHERS, who define what is  success – as once others are able to script their version of what success should look like – then if we are not MINDFUL we can all only struggle like a hamster in a wheel chasing someone elses goal. Though we are all putting our shoulders to the wheel and even working so hard that we are panting and sweating. We are really not getting any where closer to our goals of living a happy and rewarding life – as the wheel  of life is fixed and though it continues to turn, we are going nowhere.

Darkness 2012

“When I was a young boy. I wanted to be farmer. As I loved trees. So one day in class, when the teacher asked everyone what they wanted to become when they grew up. I lied and said that I aspired to be an engineer. That was because I was yet to discover the power word that would make the vital difference in my life. I was a very unusual boy in the moment of my youth and it was not uncommon for me to go to parks and spend the whole day there just walking around and observing the beautiful symmetry and lines of trees (that could be one reason why I never had a problem with saving money). When I was university, I went out to a date and took this girl to Hyde Park in London. There we sat for two hours as I recounted to her what this or that tree really was – when I returned with two ice creams, the girl was gone. This would happen to me many times in my life. But I didn’t allow that to bother me. When I started working, I used the tao of the trees to guide me others used business management knowhow. Again my work career can only be described as very unusual like the growth of a strange species of tree. As I happen to have both field and senior management exposure which was very unusual – you could say, I deliberately planned my career in this way as I noticed many senior managers had a blindspot when it came to figuring out how things are made like how do you bend a sheet of steel into a car bonnet – but to me these things are never a mystery as I have studied them in the same way I know the make up of a tree from the roots to the leafs. Then one day, after years of saving up and investing my money wisely. I decided to go into commercial farming in a big way. Many people thought that I would fail as how can someone from Singapore a country that doesn’t have any land produce good farmers. This year my production is the highest based on  average acerage yield rates – I think one reason for this is because I have NEVER been afraid to go my own way and to set my own definition of what is and is not success – I have always gone my own way, done my own thing and cared very little what others think about me. As one of the most valuable lessons that I gathered from watching trees very early on in my life – is how they don’t seem to have any hang up’s about saying NO! I realized very early on in life NO! is a NOT an ordinary word – it is like Ohm or Hellaluya, it is a power word. When the farmer wants a tree to produce, it is not unusual for the tree to go on strike and just stop fruiting and rest. Even today scientist do not know why trees do this and they have tried everything to cajole mother nature and it hasn’t worked. As nature is bigger than man and it has it’s own way of doing things and it cares very little about what man thinks or even wants. This I think is the crux of what I have gathered from watching trees – I think BEFORE it is possible for a man to be able to seek happiness and a rewarding life. He should first feel comfortable with saying NO! NO! to staying back after 5 at work. No! to what you want me to be! No! to what you think of me! A point will come when you are so accustomed with this power word, NO. That you will eventually realize the more you use it, whenever you say NO! You are actually saying YES to what you really want out of life.  As all I really wanted to do in my life was to be close to my trees everyday, so to me it is very easy to say NO.  I think when you know what you really want in life – then it is very easy to work towards it, day by day, month by month and year by year and this goal with the power of the mind can only materialize into reality. It is really only a matter of time. I wish you all luck in find the line in your great escape. Take your time. Be kind to yourself. There is no need to pressurize yourself – that is the first rule you need to learn as an escape artist, be gentle with yourself, be kind even as it is only when you are comfortable with saying NO! that you can really be able to dig that tunnel and escape from the many problems in your life. I wish you all God speed and I hope you all find that mythical line that the trees once shared with me.”

The Way of the Farmer – proudly brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012

In this world, there are things you can do all by yourself. And things you can only do with somebody else or maybe a group because the undertaking is so big.

But even if you find yourself in a sea of men, you shouldn’t be swept away by the crowd – there’s always the danger of losing yourself when you’re marinating with others in a group – as most of us, subconscious feel a strong affinity to belong and be a part of something greater than our selves. So it’s perfectly natural to compromise and be less of ourselves when we are with others. This simply underscores the difficulties of trying to keep your individuality in a modern age where everyone seems to be preoccupied with attaching labels to themselves. It’s easy to seek this pattern out in daily life, especially if we are mindful of it – that’s because somewhere down the line. Eventually the “I”  just gets rubbed out by the greater “we” –“us” and ‘them.” That’s to say at some point, the individual has to give way to the generic – sometimes when you find yourself marinating in the “we.” You’ve got to work darn hard to keep the “I” intact and whole no matter what the cost. Neither is it easy to keep the “I” whole either – as to nourish the “I.” You’ve to always ask yourself: how much am I prepared to give myself to this or that. Or how much should I hold back to keep my identity whole?

Dedicating yourself to the process of how much of youself you should give and hold back whenever you’re in a crowd is key if you are genuine about the whole idea of breaking away and discovering true personal freedom – as only when we know deep down WHY we should always give without running the risk of diluting our point of views to the world that we can be brave about the whole idea of preserving the “I”  – this whole idea of holding back may even make you look like a really difficult fellow whose selfish and anti-social – could well be, your insistence to keep the best part for yourself, may even cause you to lose that promotion or job, fuck you up with one segment of the community; may even mean everyone talks bad behind your back and no one wants to do business with you….but…hey, what did you expect, I told it ain’t easy to keep the “I” whole.

If you want easy street then go with the crowd. Man… you don’t even need to be a human being to do that. As even a NTUC plastic bag can go with the flow downstream… 

Darkness 2012

“When you find yourself so comfortable in a crowd of people. Then it is best to seek the discomfort zone somewhere deep in yourself. It is only when a man is able to detach himself from others  that he can see and process information without any sort of embellishment and exaggeration.”

If you and members of your family are genuinely interested in living a rich and organically balanced life. Then declare all out war on mumbo jumbo! It is only when we are prepared to audit many of the dusty thoughts that has managed to latch themselves in our heads all these years – and drive them out courageously, that we can begin to see the world clearly and work gainfully towards achieving real and everlasting personal freedom. When we are still enmeshed in mumbo jumbo, it is very difficult to be really free from money problems, health issues and the many challenges brought forth by having to live in the modern world – as in a state of ignorance, all we can really do is put our faith on things that will always let us down or simply don’t work. That’s no good – just because many people believe in mumbo jumbo doesn’t alter the fact that, it is still mumbo jumbo. So don’t do something just because you see everyone doing it, it doesn’t mean you are wise – it just means you haven’t really taken the whole idea of living an organically driven life seriously enough to even interrogate it to it’s logical end.

There can be no such thing as real personal freedom when one is trapped in a state of ignorance. It doesn’t exist. And those who tell you that it’s worth devoting your life to mumbo jumbo really just want your hard earned money and commitment so that they can get richer off the brow of your sweet – it’s cut and dried. For me at least – and I really don’t have the time or patience for nonsense – it’s really that simple when you have decided to drive away mumbo jumbo and the best thing is, the truth will always set you free!

“The wise farmer has no space in his mind for bad teachings along with mumbo jumbo.”

Man is a very strange creature, we look down on prostitutes and despise their lack of moral turpitude. Yet we all search out for coconut fresh cheebai’s at $400 and a bit per pop (with those prices, I am even considering dressing up my trees in mini skirts. If only I could figure out how to sell it those 44 itchy monkeys). That’s to say, by virtue of our unmitigated urges, we end up creating the very industry with the type of sex workers that we usually regard as sub humans. Some people don’t seem to have any hang up’s about going to prostitutes – to them variety is probably the spice of life. This I can understand, as who the hell in their right frame of mind can keep on eating roti prata for breakfast – from time to time, its only natural for our taste buds (along with other unmentionable body parts) to crave for other things, which may be fresher and younger than what we usually have to put with. But it is only when we are conscious of how many of the benign decisions we make daily can actually affect people and planet that we can begin to say ourselves – “hang on. This ain’t right.” Making the connection is particularly difficult in a society that is really just interested in chasing money 24/7 or trying to reduce everything into money and cents terms – there is nothing wrong with pursuing this idea to its logical end in order to be more efficient and productive. Only when everything goes through this sort of reductionism – then what will invariably happen is life will just become binary. We are all either for sale or we are stupid not to sell the things that others wish to buy from us, connected or switch off, functional or dysfunctional, with you or against you – the reason why this usually occurs is because when you ascribe money to anything valuable and honorable. Then it can only lose its intrinsic value. This is why this whole idea of paying ministers in Singapore salaries pegged to the private sector along with creamy bonuses can only lead to a terminal cheapening of the whole idea of public services. And that may well account for why the ruling hegemony finds it so difficult these days to connect with an increasingly cynical public. As since the whole idea of public service in Singapore is NOW equatable with the private sector – it simply means the electorate can only come to see the government of the day as a service provider. Not so different from a food court manager who is responsible for the proper day to day running of an operations to provide diners with meals on the go. The problem is you can’t run a country like a food court – and the only way to do this is to recruit the entire public to do so. But how can this level of sacrifice be successfully solicited when leaders themselves dont seem to be sacrificing anything without insisting that they should be paid private sector rates just to do their job. Now you understand why a sort of leaching called cheapening occurs. This time to the whole idea of government’s and why they will continue to bleed credibility along with cultural authority in the eyes of the public.

The same sort of cheapening occurs – when governments become so mesmerized with the whole idea of privatization. Bear in mind, I do not have anything against privatization per se. I happen to believe it is the next fab thing since sliced bread. ONLY I don’t believe certain public services can possibly be privatized without making a bloody fool out of government along with cheapening itself in the eyes of the public. As when lets say trains are privatized, then what happens is the electorate senses that governments are moving further and further away from them – instead of ministers being stewards they are now relegated to a role that’s slightly higher than a glorified postman or mata-mata. Where when it comes to trains, it seems, they can always deflect blame to the service provider while always managing to absolve themselves of all responsibility and in certain cases knowledge to take a meatier role. This accounts for why so many these days are confused about the whole idea of governments – and what they are actually supposed to do.

When we transpose this idea of how things and people are regularly cheapened whenever money comes into the picture – it’s not too difficult to make out why, it’s so hard for us these days to hold on to the idea of REAL VALUE. Since everything is up for sale or should be put up for sale, it simply means everything has a price. Not only coconut young and fresh cheebai’s – even lucrative IT contracts can be bought with cheebai’s – we are living in an age where nothing is sacred anymore. We don’t really feel the need to draw connections with what we think, do and regularly say and how this or that might affect or end up creating either dystopia or a living hell for others – why should we, after all in a society where only money matters and very little else – we could probably just pay for someone to think on our behalf – and there you have it, in the palm of your hands why increasingly whenever we socialize with our friends or go out. We are all slowly being assaulted by that, “this can’t be happening in Singapore,” sensation. But if we remain mindful of the corrosive effects of money and what it can do to us – then and only then can we begin to exercise control over our actions, words and thoughts so that we don’t end up making the empire of bones in a place called Singapore.”

Darkness 2012


“A wise farmer is always mindful of never cheapening himself and others with money – if for instance, boys come to his plantation seeking for odd jobs during the school holidays – he will never give these kiddies money. They wouldn’t even see it – instead he will make it a point to only give it to the Uztaz who is the headmaster and custodian of the youths. If the headman or any of the villagers render the farmer any form of assistance. Again he may not use money to pay them, but instead pay in kind with tokens of gifts of the equivalent value. As he knows that whenever money features, people can get greedy and the wise farmer is always mindful of not tempting others – and the reason is simple, if you pay a man $5.00 for just loading two bags of fertilizer into the back of your car. He will probably say to him, “see how that big landowner looks down on me – I am just worth $5 to him!” But if you see him the next time and give him a quarter of pur err tea, then the man will probably make a pot of tea and sit down and that person can only say, “he is such a considerate man as I really do not deserve this for doing so little.” The same sternness regarding money applies whenever the farmer deals with tribesmen – he never ever gives them money for the game that they deliver to his kitchen servants as he knows bootleggers will be first to sell them mind bending liquor, so the farmer gives them farm implements and at times even provisions but never ever money – as in the tribal customs, money is never as strong a cement as relationship.

That is why if you want to impress a girl. You should never use the power of money to try to impress her – if you do this, then you will probably get that girl. But the chances are she will probably marry you for all the wrong reasons. So this is how a man loses out by attracting cobra’s instead of decent women – but who is to blame for all this? If you are blowing a flute in a reed field and cobra’s appear left, right and center – then who is to blame? This is what happens whenever money crops up, usually people get sidetracked, they lose their focus or worst still the focused blurs and gets focused again on the wrong thing. The only way to get the right girl is to be very honest with her and to tell her, you are saving up money to go into business, that is why you cannot even take her out to Long John Silver for a combo meal. There is no shame to it. But please don’t expect her to pay. You can always have option No.2, that is to cook for her. Now please understand based on extensive field experiments, 90% of the women will probably drop off the radar when you share this with them – but for the dearly unfortunate or very fortunate 10% who decide to remain and even ask, “tell me what sort of business you are planning to go into.” There is a real opportunity to find lasting friendship and a life partner. Cast your eye on the valuable and never allow money to cheapen you or others.”

It is only when we make a conscious effort to trace out how so many of our impressions about what’s  best is shaped  by others – and what they want us all to believe should be the best – that we can begin to UNDERSTAND why there is a need to reclaim the RIGHT to shape our own PERCEPTION of what the best is and not leave it to others – as the real McCoy best is not the biggest house in the block, neither is it the fastest car or even chasing after the youngest, freshest and juiciest cheebai, that is what the rest of the world wants you and me to believe – and I don’t blame you for believing and acting on the word of the world either, as how is it even possible for an ordinary man these days to keep his right to form his own opinion abt what is the BEST or not – when the whole world along with chatterbox politicians are only interested in selling us all their conception of what is the best – wonder no more why so many nonsensical images and ideas have become stuck in our heads like chewing gum. When we turn on TV, all we see are sirens who always seem to go for the hero. Given enough time our impression of what is the best form of beauty even goes through a transformation – sometimes these changes are positive, as they motivate us to keep fit, healthy and even keep us all in ship shape without running the risk of coming across as sloppy. At others time when we are not mindful of how our responses and beliefs about what’s BEST is shaped by others. We just end up doing really silly things, like buying stuff that we couldn’t really afford in the first place. Or even if we could afford it, it makes zero sense to buy it. Or worse still we end up uploading shitty programs into our heads that in turn makes us all work harder and faster. But since we haven’t really figured out WHERE we are going. At the end of the day, we find out, all we are really doing despite expanding tons of energy is to go in big and small circles. This if you must know is the reason why some people NEVER ever improve and they’re stuck in the mud. It’s not that they are lazy or stupid, it simply this: they have allowed too much of their inner being to be mortgaged to others. To the extent where what others may think about them, even shapes many of the goals in their life’s – the type of car he should drive when he hits forty to how many times a week, he should have sex with his wife – my point is simply this. UNLESS WE ARE MINDFUL  THAT MANY OF THE IMAGES THAT WE HAVE FLOATING IN OUR BRAINS came from someone else and NEVER from our sense of being – then we will just act on those impulses that has been fed to us by the world, be it the marketing machine or the political steamroller.When the world is so determined at every turn and opportunity to forward it’s impression of the what is the best. Then what invariably has to happens is at some point even the daily act of living becomes an act of resistance by itself – everyday when we dress up and go to work, we pass thousands of bill boards screaming out with tight and firm bodies, “Hey, if you want to look like me. Buy this!” And even when we are dedicating ourselves to the intensity of a full day at work – again we are subconsciously bombarded with what the world wants us all to believe is BEST. The best is better, betterer and betterest  – the best is faster, fasterer and fastest, never mind that your sinews will give up – to paraphrase we have been conned by the world – hence many of the things we consider to be the best aren’t really the best at all. Rather they have managed to find themselves encrusted into our thinking because people who want us to live according to their conception of the best way placed it there. They did so, so that we will confuse life with work, and so hard that we will all probably die standing and even when our brains are dead, our bodies will still keep on running on auto mode – as really we work so hard that our muscles have develop brains giving muscle memory a new definition only in Singapore. Yet we have never really considered the idea of what really is work? And if we have never ever asked ourselves that one important leading question, then how is it possible for us to even know how much we should give ourselves to that corporation, country or cause? And how much of it should we hold back for ourselves to craft our own perception of the idea of what’s the best? Best way to lead our lives. Best way to educate our kids. Best way to spend our golden years (if that day ever comes?) etc. And this idea of learning how to take control of our perception is the key in the way of the farmer to understand how to form and more importantly preserve YOUR idea of what is the BEST.

Knowing what is the BEST is not good enough. If  anyone, especially that bengkok (bent) pastor who likes to impersonate Pat the Builder told you that faith alone is enough, he’s probably a fake as he is dead wrong. Finding your own conception of BEST, has nothing whatsoever to do with mumbo jumbo and EVERYTHING to do with YOU taking direct control over the ability to shape your own conception of the BEST – That is why your ability to preserve the idea of what you believe is the BEST is key – if you are to stand a decent chance of not being swept away by the tsunami view of the world as to it’s conception of what’s the BEST. It is only when one is able to stand one’s ground on WHY even the things we choose to love and covet may never be the BEST, but they are nonetheless the BEST in our eyes and it matters not what others may think, that we are able to say no confidently to unreasonable expectations that  modern life tries to squeeze out from us all.

Darkness 2012

This popular series entitled the Way of the Farmer has been proudly brought to you by the brotherhood press 2o12

I have in my palm a forbidden fruit called “one day in paradise.” It’s an incomparable product, one of unsurpassed wonder, joy and excitement and much more. Only understand this. Once you have tasted this exotic fruit called, “one day in paradise.” The rest of your days will be bland – your food will never be tasty anymore as in paradise the wondrous dishes served are all gastronomical masterpieces that are guaranteed to bring ecstasy to every cell of your taste buds. Neither will your days be fair thereafter, as the weather in paradise is always cool to the skin and never harsh like the days we farmers know it as. But the worst fate that will befall you is that your life will never be beautiful anymore as nothing can possibly compare to the marvelous completion of beauty in paradise and this will mean even the wife you love with all your heart will cease to be beautiful anymore – as after experiencing the temptations of the flesh in paradise all things can only be a poor second best.

Now again please – in my left hand you have this fruit that turns the key to the door that opens up the once in a lifetime experience called, “one day in paradise.” In my right hand, is the life you have always known. A simple and beautiful life that you now think it is. Which one will you choose? The decision is yours?

Darkness 2012


“To know the value of a thing is not nearly enough to lead an organically powered life. A wise farmer knows the wisdom of working assiduously to preserve the value of things and people he covets and loves – and the only way to do this is to be contented with what he has and make the very best of it. As even if you have a very old tractor, providing you take good care of it, it will still be able to do the things that a tractor is designed to do – with the passing of every year new models will come and go, but since you know this old tractor so well, it is really like the extension of your hand and feet and can even hold itself again the so called best on offer. And farm tools are not so different from a woman – you get used to them and they for their part, get used to your ways – so there is perfect harmony between man and machine – husband and wife – that is because both have struggled to reach a point of complete understanding as what should be the best. And that is really what the definition of the best is, it is not based on faith or religion or some mumbo jumbo, but rather premised on the bedrock of perfect UNDERSTANDING on a thing or person – when there is a perfect balance of Yin and Yang. That which you covet, even if it is old can ONLY be the best today and forever.

From time to time, the farmer will of course come across new versions of the best – but that’s fools gold as there is no end to the best and a man can really chase the best like a dog on heat all day long and still NEVER find it. As he has not really busied himself with the UNDERSTANDING of how to preserve the conception of best in his mind.

This is the reason why the wise farmer only tends to the bush that he considers the best in the world. As even if you say this farmer is just a silly man who doesn’t seem interested to compare his bush with other wondrous bushes out there – at least he knows the wisdom of never chasing other bushes or the mythical bush in the black forest. As the wise farmer know the history of bushes very well – and he knows no good can ever come from a man who is so fascinated and mesmerized by other bushes which may even be better than his last bush – the last group of people who found themselves so enthralled by a bush and even talked to it found themselves wandering the desert for 40 years mumbling to themselves for directions – and very recently when the world listened to another Bush, he took the whole world into a war that we all needed like a hole in our heads and again that Bush like the first one claimed to be the best of the Bushes. So the moral of the story is never talk to other bushes, only talk to your own bush and even if it is not the best, it will be the best, as since you know no other bushes or better ones, you have made your bush the best and most beautiful of them all – and this is how the wise farmer goes about the business of preserving the beauty and mystery in the things he calls his own. While the fool continues to search for the fruit called, “one day in paradise.”

Extracted from the way of the farmer – this highly popular series has been brought to you by the brotherhood press 2012

Yes, I can understand why so many have concluded those 44 monkeys deserve what they are getting. But let us reconsider the facts of the case again, this time by using common sense as a vantage to help us make sense of this sordid episode – if you walk into a tobacconist and buy a packet of cigarettes and it subsequently turns out to be contraband, then should you be hauled up by the law for possession of stolen goods? Or is it the fault of the wayward vendor who has no business whatsoever to offer for sale contraband cigarettes in the first place?

Gentlemen this is not a question about morality and ethics, it is simply a question that revolves around the intrinsic meaning of one word, REASONABLENESS – is it reasonable to expect any of these 44 men to ascertain the age of this minor? Or does the pimp owe a duty to disclose this information to his prospective customers? – in this case it seems the pimp did not even bother to convey this vital information to his clientele. It could be, he even deliberately misrepresented the minor’s age. So how are the 44 men going to REASONABLY ascertain the age of this minor? Is it reasonable to expect every man who goes into a shop to buy items to behave like Sherlock Holmes? Are they all born like LKY, where he claims, he is a radar? So which body part is the radar to ascertain the real age of this minor? Or are they all supposed to use ESP to ascertain her age? Could it be all of these 44 people and possibly the entire male population of Singapore are direct descendants of Nostradamus? Can they see her age by just looking into the mystical valley of woods? So let us all be REASONABLE lah. It is very obvious to me the law has taken a wrong turn here and a miscarriage of justice may have taken place here.

This pimp has obviously taken ALL these 44 men for a big ride by misrepresenting the age of the minor – so why isn’t the book thrown at wayward vendor. As for those 44 men, I feel very sorry for them and their families. As their lives are ruined. Nonetheless my sympathy for them has defined limits – as if a man chooses to live dangerously, then I believe he should first equip himself with the right attitude and tools to do so – but all of them just thought they were going for a mid afternoon walk in the park, now that the path has led directly to the police shop, this story can only have a very sad ending.

Gentlemen, we all live in dangerous times it seems.

Darkness 2012


“All men have natural urges. We are not to blame, mother nature is the culprit. If you try to suppress these urges in a way that goes against the laws of nature, you will probably end up exploding like a hand grenade – so it is important to find a safe and reliable method of release. Unfortunately these days release has become a deadly affair with entrapment thrown in – so it is not possible for a man to seek release any more in a casual manner. So what he needs to do from now onwards is to seek release by approaching the matter in a business like manner. In the border region that separates the Congo from Zambia, there is a tribe known as the Maha-Itli – they chew a mix of mint leafs brought down by Arab traders from Libya through Chad right down to the Niger name called nana mixed with powdered cinnamon – very often you will find this mix, known as podina or pud is used as a condiment to accompany hot sweet teas through the region East to West of Africa spanning Gambia to Somalia. It is said, this is additive inhibits sexual desires. But I have tried this, and it is no bloody good, just slightly better than mint flavored Mentos or two tic tacs. So what can we all do? I have even heard that in Eastern Africa especially along the fractured border regions of Burkina Faso, to the North, there is Mali, to the south a narrow sliver of land called Togo, here the Imballah tribe practice as sort of breathing technique gathered from Indian navigators called Pranayama – it is said, this inhibits sexual desires. Again it is no bloody good. So what is a man supposed to do? The only thing he can do is to approach this matter seriously like business with the art of war or what we call in the brotherhood the Assasinscreed – what else is there left for a man when release has become such a dangerous enterprise. Either that or pickle it like jam. True to the Assasincreed my lips are sealed. Just don’t get caught and remember the exit strategy is key, be like Enzio. See you all on the other side. good luck! if you get caught, I dont know you. It’s everyman for himself.”

The Power of Rest

April 18, 2012

Rest is often confused for idleness in our modern world, and to lie under the shade of a tree, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is often described as a giant waste of time. Yet when one thinks long and hard about this –  it is only when we are truly in a rested state of mind that we can be highly effective in managing ourselves and others – as to be in a state of rest is to see ourselves as we are meant to be is one of the most edifying moments in a man’s life.

Some men who have never seen the value of resting – have never ever had the opportunity to get to know themselves, neither do they know others either as they are really so fixated on running around and since they are ignorant of both – they can only go around like a blind man knocking and falling over furniture.

While the man who knows the value of rest is always conserving his energy – he is going with the flow. If the weather is mellow, he will push on, if it gets hairy, he will sit it out and rest. Often we see this energy at work in our workplace with our colleagues even in our own families with our loved ones – when we are critical of others and quick to anger – we can only make people around us nervous and anxious – as the power of rest can be transmitted to others in the way we carry ourselves and our tone of voice and even our very demeanor, so can anxiety along with fear – it is only when we consciously make it a daily habit of encouraging others to be in a state of rest in our presence by allowing them to let down their hair along with guard down with us – that we are able to have a meaningful conversation with our loved one’s and circle of friends. 

Darkness 2012

Extracted from the Way of the Farmer – The Brotherhood press 2012


“It is not enough to be justified and right if you want to correct a man in a village setting. In Singapore you can get away by regularly behaving like a spoilt brat and no one will do anything to you except maybe scratch the shit out of your car- behave like a spoilt brat in Burma, and even your trusted mandur will strike you down with a machete where you stand in your plantation; in Africa your village elders will go to the juju Kalo to fix you and in Burundi the Jamo will put a hex on you and your dick will probably shrivel up and fall off – and if you feel a sharp pain in your groin in the middle of the night, someone is probably sticking needles into a vodoo doll. So let us call a spade a spade – the business of correcting a wayward man is a very serious enterprise in a village setting. Let us be very honest, nothing can be accomplished without discipline. So there is no running away from having to correct a man from time to time for a serious transgression – NEVER do this alone. Recruit the help of the village headman and the country policeman – when issuing out the correction, do it with the Imam to your right and village elders to your left and with the country policeman at the door way. Further down the gates, both the ghost police and village medium must also be there – make sure the senior male members of the accused are there also. As you need to recruit them to help you with reasoning with this fellow. Make doubly sure the punishment fits the crime – and do all this with a restful frame of mind. This way there will never be any emnity between you and the one who is punished. The goal is not to disable the man, but to remind him that he must act in accordance with the common good that always serves the interest of the community. 

The same applies to disciplining children – NEVER punish a child in a state of anger, but do so ONLY when you are in a restful state of mind with the power of love as your guide. This way the child always knows why he has been punished and will never be fearful of you.”

Extracted from the Way of the Farmer – this has been proudly brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012

Be always thristy and hungry about the whole business of acquiring knowledge. And dedicate yourself to understanding the relationship between things and how it may affect your life. As understanding is the only thing that enables a man to distinguish between right from wrong; it lights the way to living an organically powered life – and this is important as many, if you care to notice have really only preoccupied themselves with the business of taking short cuts – students study hard and get into good universities to land themselves a gravy train job for life – yes, they may have a stellar academic record, but nonetheless it is just another way of short cutting the system – managers who hide in the corporate headquarters in a skyscraper and control mining and plantation operations thousands of miles while not even knowing the difference between a coconut tree and a palm – again these people have never bothered with getting to know the business from the bottom up. Again they are just short cutting in the hope of scoring a mother load – but if you are serious about the whole business of educating yourself in the University of life – then be mindful that you do not develop only one aspect of your character while leaving the others areas in your nature under developed. If you do this, then you will find that you are really good in one area and that is no good. As to be able to see a thing smooth through to its logical end, it is necessary for a man to have an array of skills – he must be able to manage himself and others, manage conflict along with getting to know what must be done and how to go about choosing the right people to get the job done with the highest level of quality and delivery reliability – all these things require rounded knowledge and a wide range of experience that can only be gleaned from the bottom, not upstairs or in your air-con office cave – so if you happen to be working in an office – ask your bosses whether you can be assigned down stream – get to know the operations by rubbing shoulders with the grease monkeys. There is no shame in the search for knowledge. If you happen to be a high flying policeman, follow the shift and get to know what your men are doing day in the field – and if you happen to be a planter, make sure that you are always appearing in the most unexpected places. When your men see this, they will know, you are on the ball and so it is very difficult for them to grow complacent as you are really like a hawk who seems to see everything. And since you have dedicated your education to knowledge and understanding things – it is really quiet impossible to fool you. But if all you do is mix with your own kind and sorround yourself with happy pretensions and have never bothered to explore the discomfort zone – then it is very unlikely that you will get to know the business process or operations of the firm, police station, factory or warehouse very well – and if you have so many blind spots, then it is really only a matter of time before you will go down for the count one day, as you have not bothered to understand the things that needs to be understood even before deciding to commit yourself to a thing – understanding is our friend in the desolation of the wilderness – understanding is what makes possible the idea for a man to stand proudly in his community to always do the things that needs to be done – understanding is the constant companion when one faces challenges that may threaten to drive you crazy; it guides us to happiness; it sustains us in difficult times; it is the lubricant and cement that binds friends and alliances and a dragon skin shield against the arrows that are loosed by the seen and unseen enemies in our daily life.

To understand is to know and to know is to be relaxed and when one is in this state of perfect rest, only then can big things be taken by the horns.

Darkness 2012

“When you walk around your plantation – be purposeful – be present in a meaningful way. By this I mean, when you come across a knot of workers take an interest in what they doing, observe carefully how they are going about the business of the doing – if you find they are slow and just going through the motions, ask the leader sarcastically, “do you want me to help you?” This is really enough to set a wayward man right as it is a very subtle way of reprimanding a man while allowing him a graceful way of saving face – you will find these workers can only pick up speed when you make your presence felt in a meaningful way –there is no need to shout and throw your weight around like a spoilt brat. Only fools use an atomic bomb to control termites. Use only the right and appropriate quantity of force and direct it like a precision strike rocket. You will find a little goes a very long way. When you go deep into the interior of jungle again make your presence felt in a meaningful way – take the trouble to fellowship with the jungle tribes and sit down for a meal with the elders, conduct yourself as a stern man who is a cheiftain in his own right –listen to them and go hunting with the warriors – as usually they will tell you things that the elders will choose to hide from you, if they tell you this season the birds are flying south instead of North, then it means the dry season has come early – when they tell you that the waters in the river is cold in the morning and brackish at night, then it can only mean, it will be a very dry season. From the tribesmen you should also get knowledge about the movements of people and what their business may be in your area along with weather and the ebb and flow of waters. In the coffee shop again make your presence felt in a meaningful way, do not just sit down with the people who you are most comfortable with – touch base with the village policemen, Imam, Brahmin, taoist monk, ghost police, village medium and country foot doctor, listen to their daily gossip – these men are your daily newspaper and are more informative than CNN and Reuters put together, from them you will know what is happening in and around your village and who the potential trouble makers are in your vicinity – in this quiet and unassuming way the wise farmer will know everything even before it happens and this will allow him to plan perfectly for what he must do. As the worst thing that can happen to a man is to wake up one morning only to realize that something has changed without even him realizing it.”

Extracted from the Way of the Farmer – “Read the local newspaper through people.”

Mangoes & Women

April 17, 2012

Women are like mangoes dangling on trees, the best ones are usually on the top of the tree. As they receive the most sunlight and far away from bugs. The men don’t want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and don’t want to get hurt. Instead, they just get they settle for the bruised mangoes closer to the ground that aren’t so good but easy to pick. So, the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality they are truly the most amazing and sweetest of them all. These women should behave like sweet tasting fruit, and just continue radiating whatever they have to offer to the brave and courageous and true to the ancient lines of nature – one fine day the right man will come along. And this man will take a long look at the mangoes at the upper branches and soon he will climb all the way to the top because he knows a good thing when he sees it.

Darkness 2012


“Nature is incredibly democratic and fair – if she gives with one hand, the other hand will take as well – if you find yourself in the company of ladies. It is natural for any man to seek out the fairest of them all – but if you do this, you may end up with bad fruit that only looks good from the outside, but full of worms in the inside. As beautiful ladies are accustomed to manipulating men with their looks. How do you think those two civil servant itchy monkeys got mixed up Cecilia the IT cobra? Yes, looks are always deceptive and full of lacunae and it should never be the deciding factor should you decide to choose a soul mate. Besides can you roll around in bed 24/7? So let us see a thing for what it REALLY is and not others want us to believe it is – besides even if you happen to have the most beautiful wife in the world. You will eventually grow bored of her beauty and if she hasn’t taken the trouble to invest in her character – a day will come when you will find her quite ordinary and possibly repulsive. As no woman can possibly compete against the chastening passage of time or hope to make up for failing to steel her character as she has really only relied on beauty to get her way with men – so understand what you see and consider as beautiful is really something that has an expiry date. But if you are able to train the eye to seek out the valuable, timeless and precious – then even if a woman is chubby and her figure doesn’t send your heart racing or she doesn’t have a good rack – you will still be able to make out her motherly, calm and understanding nature – and what sensible man can resist such a woman, who is a motherly figure – it is not an accident that men through the ages have marched off to battle and died in the name of the mother land or that we refer to nature with the same prefix of adulation – mother nature. The mother is the pillar of every man – take this away and he will be like a tree without roots. Above all when you choose someone who has the right nature instead of placing importance on looks – these things will never grow old or fade, they can only get better with time – their value can only increase with time and pay out dividends – this is what a wise man should always choose, the real not the sugary candy fake, the important and never the vapid, real quality instead of phoniness dressed up to titillate – train your eyes to always seek out ONLY real beauty and things that are worthwhile.”

Extracted from the way of the farmer under the chapter, “the most important decision in your life – who should I marry?” – The Brotherhood Press 2012

This morning as I walked the Northern section of my estate – I glanced amongst the countless palms. It is very difficult to explain the satisfaction that coursed through me when I saw that every one of them was pregnant with the full weight of fruit – as I look longer at this pleasurable scene, my eye was drawn to a multitude of different flowers that grew in between the palm – maroon and aquamarine and ochre. How pretty they all looked and as I took a full sweep of both the trees and these wild flowers this time – it seemed as thought this is how it is in life whenever we come across things that don’t really have a defined purpose or utility like flowers – as really they are quite useless; they bear no fruit; they are even purposeless and listless and remain only because there is a small sliver of land and a ray of hope to grow. But to say flowers are useless just because they do not produce anything that quickens the heart of the taxman is to miss the mark completely – as without these flowers that grow in between the palm, there would be nothing to charm the eye except the cold purposefulness of trees that are grown ONLY to generate revenue It is a mistake to believe everything that cannot be reduced to some quantifiable form of utility is necessarily useless – this outlook in life has to be a form of reductionism – as to adopt this attitude is to believe life can ONLY be enriched by chasing after things that are only productive and useful. If we take such a practical attitude towards the things we choose to do or the type of people we wish to cultivate as friends Then we may even drive out the good leaving only the bad. As I looked longer at these wild flowers – I began to see them as metaphors of what life is all about. These flowers mere not be able to bear fruit, but they are nonetheless emblematic of poetry and art, which all adds up to make life very beautiful.

Darkness 2012

“If you kill all the flowers that grow in between the trees in your plantation. Yes, you will certainly have a very orderly estate where all your trees are lined up like toy soldiers. But tell me how will your trees bear fruit when there are no bees to pollinate the trees? And why should there be any bees when there are no flowers and colorful weeds to attract them?

So it seems flowers are not so useless after all – in the same vein, if you find that your wife is preoccupying herself with pursuits that you may consider inconsequential and trivail. It is best to let her be. Do not impose your will on her or for that matter try to fashion her character into your very image.

Just as one may never be able to fully understand the ways of a flower or woman does not mean that it doesn’t have a purpose – it just means the purpose is to be purposeless. This is the reason why all women desire certain things that man can never understand. As a man is not so different from the magnificent palm – the palm does not grow erratically like flowers, it’s progress is measured and controlled like a precision rocket. Flowers have their own mind and go about the business of proliferating capriciously like free spirits. And this is why men and women differ in their point of views and how they even make decisions along with seeing the world.

But this is not a bad form of energy – it is simply something that needs to be understood and if possible harnessed and directed to bring goodness into your life.

Let your wife’s be the flowers that grow around your purposefulness as a serious man – let her grow in every way possible. If you wish to develop her confidence in the art of holding a conversation along with learning how to be an accomplished host to your friends and business associates. Then let her be the one who leads. And give her the full light while you sit contently in the shadows silently. A good rule of thumb is allow your wife to speak while you remain quiet and encourage her to grow in her skills to manage herself and others confidently. When you are with others – again stand back and resist the temptation to cut in – this way like the flowers that grow in between the palms – she can only add color and variety to your life and enrich the whole experience of living. As it doesn’t pay for a man to be so serious that he does not even know when to be soft and all he seems to do is nitpick his wife all the time – should you be foolish to do this, then your wife will be very complaint like the orderly plantation without flowers, but she will also be cowered and her confidence will always be stunted like a bonsai tree. And that is no bloody good. As those shorties don’t bear fruit. And if you keep finding fault with everything she says or do, she will get depressed and turn into an evil weed go shopping or eat 10 meals a day and as time goes by, you will end up with cancer of the wallet and a two metric ton internal beauty. Tell me is that what you all want? When the serious men of this world see that your wife is not the happy and self assured sort and is always so afraid to make a move without your permission – they will all say to themselves, “perhaps this man cannot be depended to do big things. After all he cannot even steward his family very well. Look at that bloody idiot, he doesn’t even know when to be soft, he is hard all the time. This man does not seem to know how to bring out the best in people it seems. There is no color to his life. And that is sad.” And if the serious men of this world conclude this about your character, then you will not go very far in this world, no matter how well educated or intelligent you are. As you do not seem to understand the importance of allowing the flowers to grow to enrich your life – as to do so is to understand even in softness there is hardness, in listlessness there is rest and only then can there be balance and harmony in your family. It is very simple. No man can possibly search for his place in destiny, when his house is in a mess. This is slow acting poison and will disable EVERY man eventually. But when there is a right mix of the useful along with the trivial, the focussed along with the diffused, the purposeful along with the capricious – then and only then will your life be in accordance with the laws of heaven and earth. Only then can you have the peace of mind to do dedicate your mind, body and spirit to be a man of consequence. Be mindful of the yin and yang in your life. And remember always, the serious men of this world will always judge you through your wife. This is what wise men regularly do, they judge a man by how well he can bring out the shine in his wife – and if it is done well. It can only reflect very well on you – as you have been a wise farmer who knows the value of cultivating even things many people consider useless and inconsequential – research and study this well.

This strategy of cultivating the flowers in your life can be used to understand why your wife and girlfren can never keep time and will always do things that men usually consider stupid, time wasting and frivolous. Can also be used to empower your wife to take a meaningful role in helping you in your career and business. Can be successfully used to build the confidence of friends. But if it is a woman. There is a danger that you may be accused as a lecher – so be very clear abt your intentions. Do not be coy abt the matter, simply tell the girl politely, ‘I am so sorry to mislead you, but I have no intentions of fucking you. You are really not my type lah. I am just someone who feels that you need a friend.” Extensive experimentation has led me to the conclusion out of 10 women who you share this with, most will accept it, those who do not will try to blackmail you with the SMS’s you have foolishly sent her – so be clear and concise abt your intentions when complications surface to avoid possible accusations and embarrasement. Can also be used by policymakers to understand why the internet should never be messed around with and allowed to grow organically.”

Extracted from the way of the farmer – The Brotherhood Press 2012

If you are genuine about the whole business of serving your country. Then go and work overseas for at least ten to fifteen years.  And really it is never too late for any man to seek out this road to wisdom – if you are an academic, then try to sell your skills to another university in another country. Even if you happen to be a policeman, think hard about how your skills can be sold to the highest bidder in another country, as law and order is really like air and water. And if you are a manager try to get a foreign posting even if it threatens to disrupt your way of life. As this is really the only way for a man to gain a wide range of experience that may one day serve him and bring benefit to others. There is no other way. If you say that after graduating you want to return home to serve the country – then you must accept the theoretical possibility the serious men of this world will just treat you like a lightweight – and what is a lightweight? He is an inconsequential man, a man who is bloated and filled with hot air and has very little capacity to accomplish anything valuable for himself or others – so let us be perfectly frank – what can such a man really bring to the table?

Nothing. And we all know something valuable can NEVER ever come from nothing. And even if something valuable claims to come from nothing, it does not alter the reality, it is nothing – as people are not stupid. As soon as they sit down and talk to you, they would have already realized that you are really just a kampung hero with an ivy league certificate – tell me. Are you going to tell me education maketh a man? I hope not as to do so is to run the risk of embarrasing yourself – as there is one thing that stands higher than education and it is UNDERSTANDING.

So do not be surprised if you still cling to this fairy tale idea that just because you have managed to score a double first – you can just walk into the smoking room and everyone will find you such a delightful and impressive man – most will, I have no doubt, but those who have busied themselves with UNDERSTANDING the way of the world, the serious men will not even bother to talk to you – as come on, what do you really have to offer, if you have been so derrelict that you did not even bother UNDERSTANDING the things that needs to be UNDERSTOOD – how can you even manage yourself and others properly without this arcanum? Just remember, if you go around with delightful illusions and fantasies in your head – the serious men of this world may even be polite and congenial to you – after all they are adept at keeping up appearances, so this should never come as a surprise. Only understand this! As soon as you walk right out of the door, they will all say, “he is like a sword that many said is crafted from the best steel it seems.” But because you have FAILED to accumulate the wide range of experience that only working, living and playing in another country can offer – another serious man will probably have very little choice but to say, “yes, it may even be the best steel, but it is such a pity that this sword is untested.”

Study and research this well.

Darkness 2012

Extracted from the way of the Farmer – The Brotherhood Press 2012


“In every village you always find one man who everyone knows as the kampung hero – this man is really quite a conceited fellow – for one he makes a lot of noise and often spouts rubbish. Unfortunately there are always plenty of gullible and ignorant folk who will follow this chap – but as soon as you sit him down and look him straight in the eye like a falcon and talk to him in a serious tone, you will find that he will begin to fidget and shake like a leaf and after wasting your time. You will discover as the Cantonese say, he is Mo Kwai Yong – good for nothing. As there is really nothing substantial to this fellow – he is like a souffle, just full of air. As our northern cousins will often say, “tak boleh pakai lah!” – that is because like a fish that is accustomed tot throwing his weight in a small pond. This man has never encountered bigger and fiercer fishes in blue waters – so he is really a man who is slightly better than a frog in a well. And to make himself more important than he actually, it is not usual for the kampung hero to disparage those who have worked elsewhere. Do not associate with these people. They are inconsequential as they are petty. No good can ever come from such an alliance. As how can something significant ever come from nothing? If you can buy into the idea in the course of 4,000 of human history this has been the case time and again. Then it is not so difficult to entertain the prospects that this may well be the case when you try to do big things with the kampung hero. He will fail you again and again. As he can never do the hard and will always take the path of least resistance to either do nothing except talk, talk and talk. But when you look carefully in even a village many hard things need to done and it pays naught to run away from them or to negotiate around them with clever words. NGO’s for instance will come to your plantation, they will want to know this and that – do not chase them away or make life difficult for them – engage them meaningfully and conquer their minds so that they support you. But how can you do this, if you do not know what makes them tick. So you can never run away from a need to first understand a thing .What more of a country? How much more difficult can it be to set many of the things that are wrong right? I hope you are all internally persuaded now – why this is so jugular and I hope this illustration serves to show how the hard and difficult can never always be swept underneath the carpet  – but to do this, you must first be a serious man. Avoid the kampung hero like the plague! As he can only hollow out your character with pretensions and vanity. And seek only the company of the serious men if you want to get things done, as only they can UNDERSTAND why the difficult and necessary needs to be done –  as only this category of men UNDERSTAND the way of the world. As for the kampung hero just humor him. As he is really his worse enemy and it is only a matter of time before he will be exposed! Real gold is never afraid of fire. Trace out the Kampung hero in your workplace and in your circle of friends or even when you are watching people who wear white talk about this and that – when you see them, tell yourself, ‘kampung hero.’ And with this comes complete understanding of a thing for what it really is and not others may want you to believe.”

Fleeting moments

April 15, 2012

“We pass in front of a flower shop. A small, warm air mass touches my skin. The asphalt is damp, and I catch the scent of roses. I can’t bring myself to speak to her. She wears a white sweater, and in her right hand she holds a crisp white envelope lacking only a stamp. So: She’s written somebody a letter, maybe spent the whole night writing, to judge from the sleepy look in her eyes. The envelope could contain every secret she’s ever had.

I take a few more strides and turn: She’s lost in the crowd.” Haruki Murakami.

This is how it is in life – we like to believe people are just going around in small and big circles – trying to pay their bills and striving to met endless deadlines. Somewhere in this gyre, we get sucked into the belief all that life offers is an endless repetition. A litany like a string of prayer beads where each is exactly as the last one – and when we have finished one day, week, month and year of living. It is not so different from the finishing off where you once started from, where each passing day comes and goes and the only thing that really changes is the diminishing size of your toothpaste. Everything else stays the same, so it seems – life goes on exactly as it always did, so it seems – it is only when we make an effort to press that pause button somewhere in our heads that we begin to see that life isn’t a series of mindless repetitions where we just go to work on weekdays and spend time in the mall on the weekend – and in this new state of awareness, it is really only a matter of time before we will come across people, scenes and experiences where you just know, life can be so very different, if only you had the courage to run with the wolfs.

Darkness 2012

“If we look around the internet, you see many who write passionately about freedom – but how can one really be free, when there is ignorance and lack of will to understand what is really worth running after and throwing in the dustbin?”

Extracted from the Way of the Farmer – The Brotherhood Press 2012 – transmitted by the digital jamming deep space vessel KDD Carphathia.

In the moment of my youth, when I first came to Kendo, I did not fully understand the perils of diffusing one’s energy recklessly — it was only much latter when I had started working and found myself constantly embroiled in office politics that I realized the importance of tactics and strategy. About this time, I had gained entry into the 5th, that was really the point when I began to take a keen interest in the art of neutralizing one’s opponent with just the right amount of force – to put it another way, to use only sufficient force, no more or less with hardly any trace of waste. At this point you may be wondering what really accounts for my fixation – in truth, the idea of the opponent can take many shapes and forms – it could be a physically demanding challenge like climbing a mountain, where pacing oneself is key or something as everyday as how to manage your bosses which probably requires copious amounts of patience or perhaps dealing daily with the seven habits of highly ineffective people in your life that will probably test your patience. My point is all these challenges will grind you down to a pulp, if you’re not mindful of conserving your patience, sagacity along with sanity.

As a newly minted 5th one mixes regularly with the ranks of the serious men, so it was not unusual for them to ask me out to join them for a makan, poker or a round of golf – this gave me a rare opportunity to observe them and I even took down notes diligently. From time to time, the serious men would share their secrets with me about the philosophy of Kendo along with the ways of the world that they have gleaned in senior positions in their respective industries. Till then Kendo was only a sport – now a whole new world had opened up before me – to understand the philosophy of how less can be more, one must first rein in the capricious mind and expel the ego along with the many pretensions has been encrusted in our behavior and responses – it is only after considerable research that I realized, only when one is able to master the mind along with all its nuances that it is possible begin studying the art of subduing one’s opponent as only then can you see him for what he truly is – to know is to have 50% in your pocket and understanding will allow one to be calm like a lotus on a mirrored lake  – as to understand a thing allows you to appreciate what needs to be done – only then can one set about the business of doing – like a carpenter to plan how much energy, attention and material is needed to accomplish the task. This sounds simple in theory, but the execution is ellusive. As the moment I cross swords with my opponent and after exchanging a series of blows, all remants of calmness is out of the window, with more exchange of blows understanding gives way to anger. And anger is the key that releases your pride and ego. When this happens all thoughts are reduced to their lowest common denominator and only the will of beating the opponent and winning matters – this is why if you go to any Kendo dojo. You will always come across plenty of exponents who swing wildly and aimlessly as if they are splitting fire wood, while the sensei just plays with him by tripping him over and forcing this man to crash into furniture with so little effort. 

Realizing I was getting nowhere despite my preserverence – I began to reflect on this idea of using just enough energy, no more or less to accomplish a task. I would trace it out in my daily dealings with those I came in contact with, always observing how some people are always able to get their way effortlessly despite incredible opposition – in a moment of ephipany I began to trace out that many of these highly effective leaders ALWAYS followed the natural line of things – they never seem to go against the grain and even if they do, they do so deliberately to create the right conditions to influence others. Like experienced climbers, they know it doesn’t pay to against nature, it’s far easier to go with the flow when things are mellow and sit it out when it gets hairy. In lay mans terms, it just means they pick and choose their battles and most importantly they fight only under the best terms. If none of these conditions are met, they just sit back– just as you do not see a tree with it branches in the soil and its roots exposed to the elements – these leaders never go against the natural flow of things. They are seldom frontal and always mindful of their energy reserves along with realization even something as ephemeral as a man’s reputation comes with a credibility meter that you usually see in the fuel gauge of your car. To put it another way, they ALL know it pays dividends to change things when you are in the system rather than standing outside it – as what we are talking about here is simply the ability to scale many of the challenges in your life – and we all have either heard or know people who simply take too big a bite only to choke. We all know of people who play office politics only to end up taking on the wrong guy – we have heard how this or that firm thinks doing A or B can put them in pole position only to end up taking a wrong turn – and all of us have made bad investments, be it buying a lemon smart phone to losing money in the stock market – you could even say, if we all could step outside our own skins and just look at ourselves at so point in our life. We look very much like confused folk (me included) – all we are doing is dissipating energy on the stuff that really don’t matter – we waste our valuable bandwidth thinking what others think about us. When in fact no one gives too shits. Yet very often we disregard what really matters most is how our wife’s, children and loved one’s think about us. We buy this and that thinking that this will improve my chances of finding the one and only one to share our journey of life with. Or whether he or she is handsome or beautiful. And again we disregard the most important – can I grow old with this man or woman? We worry endlessly that we are no well educate or rich enough and that may be the reason why no one seems to respect us. When all they really care about is whether you are sincere and well intentioned. We chase after the vapid and inconsequential and disregard the important that is to say we miss the mark. No one denies, we are using tons of energy to try to find the things missing in our lives. Only we are all getting a lousy return on our energy. Worst of all we don’t find it. And a big chunk of it has to do with not knowing what is important and what is useless – what’s worth chasing and what’s only good for the garbage heap – what it means to live a purpose driven life and ambling along like a drunkard recklessly.

It is only after many years of observing and reflecting deeply about what is important and worthless that my Kendo began to improve dramatically – if my opponent is good at his foot work – I will disrupt his form by forcing him to a corner where he has less room to manuever. If he is quick on the attack. I will occupy the center line and force him to take a defensive position and if he is good in the defence. I will feign weakness by emboldening him to launch an attack followed by a counter strike. But in every case, there is never a decisive blow that obliterates him. And please do bear in mind that ‘him’ may well apply to the many challenges in your life. Rather it is to know when, where and how much to hit with surgical precision. And that is really enough to cut down many of the opponents and the challenges in our life by half – they wouldn’t go away completely, but UNDERSTANDING it goes a very long way. A century and a bit ago, Henri Paretto realized this. To solve 80% of your problems you just need to work on the 20% – and it goes the same the other way – 80% of the good will you get only really comes from dedicating yourself to the 20% of doing – remembering a name and face; a warm handshake; an enjoyable conversation – the 20% makes possible the 80% and that really completes it all. But it all begins with taking control over the mind, by teaching it to always seek out the worthy from the useless – only then can you find the mark. The less is more called 20%.

Research this well. This can be successfully used if you always find yourself a lampost in the company of many men and women, where the former are trying to show off to the latter and you want to get your dream girl – it can also be reliably used to get people you don’t like in your office sacked, to take over the job of your boss. It can also be reliably used to knock sense into troubled teens without resorting to threats and unreasonable behavior. This can also be used to come across as highly engaged in meetings when you have not bothered to read the executive summary. Can also be used to neutralize backstabbers in your office and has proven to be very effective in overhauling engine blocks without causing irrepairable damage due to hastiness and bad preparation.

Darkness 2012

This has been extracted from the e-book, the Way of the Farmer under the chapter, “a little goes a very long way.” – This excerpt has been intercepted in the Azimuth of Bilblo Aurosula Galaxy by the Digital Jamming deep space vessel KDD Explorer – The Brotherhood Press 2012