Should we all live in a boat in Singapore to save $?

April 2, 2012

Check this out. believe it or not, I am seriously toying around with the idea of building a boat house – I happen to know alot of boats. Not too long ago, this was just a kooky idea that I would share with people while barflying and trying to get free drinks – but lately, this is a proposition that I am seriously considering. I just feel that its time for me to put myself in a position, where I don’t get scammed and rail roaded again. Buying a boat house may seem like a very expensive proposition – and it probably is – but the best thing abt it, if it gets too crazy, all you have to do is pull anchor and sail to greener pastures. Why not? Yes, this is an idea that I am going to give some serious thought too given that the price of housing has really gone crazy and is likely to get crazier – no guesses as to who benefits from all this and who loses out, some scams are just so obvious that you just need to take an interest in how to beat the system.

Darkness 2012


“One of the tenets of the way of the farmer to live a simple life – by simple it means, to understand what is going on around you, top, bottom and side – that means, if you see a whole load of people buying A, B or C, then don’t follow them, stop and watch what is happening here – ask yourself one simple question, what is the intrinsic value of this item? Everything has a base value, if that thing exceeds its base value then you can say it has been artificially pumped up – that means if you want to show off and drive around in a brand new S class Mercedez Benz – go ahead, but make sure you understand when you buy such a car when the CEO is highest, then a large portion goes to the government. If you do that, for your car and house, then at the end of the day, you will definitely appear very successful to others – but you are not living a simple life. Far from it, as what you have done is to complicate your already complicated life in such a way where by it could be said, you have bought lock, stock and barrel into the perfect ball and chain that will have a hold on you for at least 30 to 40 years of your life. So how smart are you? Well in my book, you are pretty dumb and you deserved to be gamed and probably end up poor, lonely, fat and no one wants to fuck you – you did all this to yourself because of your vanity and inability to train your mind to see the world as it is – as a key component of living simply is to cut down your commitments to as close as zero as possible. Never allow anyone to just hold you by the nose and tell you, you should buy this or that to complete you as a person or to be considered someone who has a standing in society – the only people who you should impress is your wife and children, the rest can more or less go to hell in my book! To buy into that logic, where you feel you have no choice for even one minute is to allow others into your brain and tell you how, you should lead your life and to what end – that is the road to slavery and having to work till the day your sinews give out. You can try to con many people, but you can NEVER ever scam me, as I have taken a piece of paper and worked it all out. I see all the pitfalls and I am saying to you – dowan lah! You can go and shove your good life up your hairy arse – I go my way!”

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