Banishing Mumbo Jumbo from our lives!

April 22, 2012

If you and members of your family are genuinely interested in living a rich and organically balanced life. Then declare all out war on mumbo jumbo! It is only when we are prepared to audit many of the dusty thoughts that has managed to latch themselves in our heads all these years – and drive them out courageously, that we can begin to see the world clearly and work gainfully towards achieving real and everlasting personal freedom. When we are still enmeshed in mumbo jumbo, it is very difficult to be really free from money problems, health issues and the many challenges brought forth by having to live in the modern world – as in a state of ignorance, all we can really do is put our faith on things that will always let us down or simply don’t work. That’s no good – just because many people believe in mumbo jumbo doesn’t alter the fact that, it is still mumbo jumbo. So don’t do something just because you see everyone doing it, it doesn’t mean you are wise – it just means you haven’t really taken the whole idea of living an organically driven life seriously enough to even interrogate it to it’s logical end.

There can be no such thing as real personal freedom when one is trapped in a state of ignorance. It doesn’t exist. And those who tell you that it’s worth devoting your life to mumbo jumbo really just want your hard earned money and commitment so that they can get richer off the brow of your sweet – it’s cut and dried. For me at least – and I really don’t have the time or patience for nonsense – it’s really that simple when you have decided to drive away mumbo jumbo and the best thing is, the truth will always set you free!

“The wise farmer has no space in his mind for bad teachings along with mumbo jumbo.”

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