Keeping your eye on the important – balance

April 24, 2012

The deeper and longer we look inwards into the root causes of many problems in our lives, the more convinced we are all that the one thing wanting, which we must all strive to acquire before all others, is a sense of balance in our lives. Without balance it is impossible for one to attain harmony of thought and word and deed. And without harmony, there is no way for one to remain in a balanced state of mind like a lotus in a calm and mirrored lake before many of the emerging challenges brought forth by having to perpetually juggle work, family and 101 other things. Do not be too hard on yourself or others, lest you be broken or worse still them; do not be too soft either, lest you be squashed, be at just the right tension – personally, I like to use to Tao of the Guitar to keep my mind balanced: String it too hard and it will snap, too loose and it will not play, it just needs to be perfectly right, not too soft or hard. Once you are balanced, only then is it possible to know when to start a thing and how much of your being you should put into it along with how much you should hold back (remember never give completely). It is only when we are in a highly balanced state of mind that we will always know why everything must always have a beginning, middle and end along with the wisdom to know where we stand alongside the past, present and future.

Darkness 2012

Extracted from the Way of the Farmer – This highly popular series has been very proudly brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012


Apprentice: I am no longer interested in winning or losing. I do not know what has happened master, it is as if both victory and defeat has merged, fused themselves even in a single thought where they are suddenly meaningless – what does this mean?

Master: You have arrived. There is nothing more that I can teach you.

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