Cheap shots by Mini Lee – the never ending story of Hougang

May 11, 2012

The WP first kept totally silent, then supported Mr Yaw, and then three weeks later suddenly expelled him from the party. Until now the WP has not given Singaporeans a full and proper account of what happened, or why it acted in this way. Mr Yaw himself has said nothing, either to explain or to apologise for his behaviour,…”

That’s rich from Mini Lee. As he also never explain so many things that he was obliged to explain to taxpayers – for example are HDB flats getting bigger or smaller in Singapore? Till today, no one knows. It seems to be one of the greatest mysteries in Singapore. I suspect neither does short cake Khaw either. Neither did he explain how it’s even possible for someone who earns only $1,000 a month own a HDB flat in Singapore. Till today, no one knows. This is the second biggest mystery in Singapore. I suspect neither does eight ball either as he is still very adamant that runaway COE and housing prices is not likely jack up inflation. But please explain to me like a baby how does a sack of rice get into a supermarket, does it just walk there or does someone has to drive it. As for housing, eight ball insist, it doesn’t affect the average Singaporean, as he is not going to buy a house, but what if he’s renting or needs more space. Coming to think of it what kinda of pariah logic is this – I doubt this will ever change the view held by so many experts that inflation is really an acute problem in Singapore – so as you can all see, there are so many things that Mini Lee should have done, but didn’t and now he wants to nitpick on small little issues when he has a big giant hole in his own backyard.

Before he goes around accusing other people for misbehaving and shortchanging the general public. Maybe he should look at the shambolic way in which he is running his outfit.

I have a feeling Hougang is cut and dried. People are not stupid and the day of reckoning will come. He just need to suck in all in and roll with the punches – that is as good as it will ever get whether he likes it or not.

Darkness 2012


“What is it that you all seem to have so much trouble in understanding? After all, I spoke in simple English. Let me try to explain Hougang to you all again. You see it is like this. When your house is on fire. You should put out the fire in your own house first. Instead he is going around trying to put out imaginary fires in other people’s house. So as you can all see. It is very hard, if not impossible to respect such a man, very hard indeed – as in this world, no man can force another to respect another. Please understand I am not trying to be malicious or even personal. I am just very honest with all of you. I am a farmer. And farmers are very straight forward and honest people. They don’t have time for foreplay, they reach directly for the drawers! Even if you disagree with my assesment, I think some of you should at least take my feedback constructively. After all, we are supposed to be in the new normal, so let us at least pretend to be new and normal for a change. Instead of getting angry with me. Some of you should try to be good and try your best to rehabilitate me.”

Captured very recently in a thread in Ekunaba – forwarded by the digital signal jammer KDD Vanquish – The Brotherhood Press 2012

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